Abstract Head Vase




Moai Statues As Abstract Vases

You have probably heard of the famous statues that are several millennia old and stand alone on the Easter Islands. European sailors discovered Easter Island in the 18th century, and its inhabitants called this island Rapa Nui. What they found then, the monumental stone Moai heads, are still a mystery and one of the most famous symbols worldwide. In the recent past, it has been discovered that below the earth's surface, these heads also have massive bodies with various details.

Many mysteries about these enigmatic statues have yet to be solved, and what we know so far is that figures have enormous heads, which make up three-fifths of their bodies. They are presented with an accentuated forehead, polished coral pieces built into the eye sockets, a long nose, and smooth cheeks. Since their discovery, these statues have thrilled us and have served as inspiration for art objects that we often encounter in modern interiors.

The Abstract Head Vase is just like that. It represents an elongated head with all the features of the famous Moai statues. The only difference is their purpose, and that is abstract vases. These vases are a genuine decorative item for a table and dresser in black and white with six different sizes and shapes of heads. Each vase has an extra opening at the top so that you can make floral decorations with fewer or more flowers according to your wishes. In an unusual way, flowers in such vases will represent their hairstyles, so they can funnily beautify your home.

Ceramic Head-Shaped Vases

At the ZenQ Designs shop, several vases are represented by the abstract form of human heads. In the most varied ways, objects with faces express certain moods, and these can be imaginary looks or faces that are vibrant and in a good mood. In the case of the Abstract Head Vase, we also have a touch of the past, so they remind us of unusual statues from the Easter Islands.

In addition to mysterious stone creations, many of our objects have found inspiration in later works of art, and so you can find Michelangelo's David. They also found inspiration in one of the original deities, so in our shop, there are the ancient Greek goddesses, the ancient Egyptian symbol Anubis or the Buddha himself. Faces and personalities represented symbolically remind us of the vital role of particular historical or religious figures.

Each of them, therefore, has a certain spiritual message or meaning. Our Abstract Head Vase collection takes us back in time in a humorous way and leaves room for a certain mystery.

Connections and Sculptures With Face Motifs

The ZenQ Designs shop has decided to include unusual abstract items for various purposes among the most diverse products. On this occasion, we invite you to take a look at the part of the assortment that has facial motifs:

Dimensions Of the Abstract Head Vase

The Abstract Head Vase is available in 6 dimensions and shapes:

And height 13cm, width 10cm

B height 17cm, width 12.5

C height 24.4 cm, width 10.2 cm

D height 31cm, width 11.5cm

E height 29.5 cm, width 8.5 cm

F height 39cm, width 10cm


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