Tirene | Set


Hand Carved Ceramic

The Tirene Set is one of the sets found in the ZenQ Designs shop, and it is made of ceramic. The pedestal is made of bamboo and extends in height to obtain an upright pedestal for three small pots. The pottery is handmade and, as such, carries a special message: a lot of love and effort has been put into each one. In this way, we get positive energy and the opportunity to be creative ourselves.

The outstanding natural material of clay originated from the earth itself, which absorbs sunlight and revives with unique energy when processed. Every clay object is directly connected to our planet, and its processing is a special magic. If you have not worked with clay, you should know that working with it is relaxing and that there are exceptional charms between the process of making and firing it. Natural material and natural combustion processes allow us to enjoy creative objects. The Tirene Set, like all other sets in our offer, is treated with a delicate glaze, which will protect it from wear and tear.

The small dimensions of the pots on the upright pedestal will allow the green decorations to extend. In addition, this way, it will not take up much space, but the beauty in detail will be in an upright position or on a pedestal in the form of stairs.

Mini Bonsai In the Tirene Set

The ZenQ Designs miniature flower sets are ideal for succulents and bonsai trees. We believe everyone has heard of the ancient technique that originated in China, where the concept of growing miniature natural landscapes in pots was created. Believe it or not, owning such miniature landscapes was a symbol of status in those days! In the period from the 10th to the 13th century, the cultivation of individual trees in bonsai pots began in China, and over time, this concept was transferred to Japan.

If you still do not know what the philosophy of growing bonsai reflects, it is about establishing a balance between man and nature. In fact, the bonsai technique is reflected in cultivating a miniature tree that should preserve all its characteristics in life-size. Anyone who embarks on this challenge should know how to express their creativity through the bonsai technique. Growing such plants requires a lot of skill and attention, and for your efforts, you will be rewarded with a beautiful plant that follows the change of seasons as if it were in nature. Bonsai trees can become mostly all plants with a solid stem.

The leaves from the plants quickly diminish in smaller pots. Such plants are oak, maple, pine, ficus, beech, elm, chestnut. You need to know that not every little tree in a pot is a bonsai because a young tree is not a bonsai but an older dwarf tree. The Tirene Set can allow you to start your bonsai adventure with the help of these small and shallow pots. Grow your mini bonsai!

Cozy Place With Our Unique Products

Part of our work is a collection called "Planters and flower pots", and we believe that our dear ladies will enjoy it the most! From this collection, we single out some unique ceramic and marble sets, and we invite you to take a look at the entire range from this category:

Dimensions Of the Tirene Set

The Tirene Set from bamboo has the dimensions of a stand 31 cm high, 18 cm wide, and the pots are 4.2 cm high and 8.2 cm wide.

A small drainage hole in the pot allows the water in the soil to drain freely so that the root has enough air.


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