Bamboo Chinese Tea Trays



Chinese cultural activity involving tea preparation

Tea is an important part of Chinese tradition and has an extremely close relationship with Chinese culture. Tea has always been helpful in improving people's social achievements and respect for the arts. Today, tea production plays a vital role in economic development, while tea consumption has remained a practice of everyday life.

When drinking, attention is paid to the environment, atmosphere, music, and interpersonal relationships. The quality of tea is assessed by the color, smell, and taste of the tea, the quality of the water, and even the tea set. Making tea in the Chinese way requires a bowl into which the first brewed tea is poured. This is where our Bamboo Chinese Tea Trays set comes into play. This tray has bars in its middle through which the first tea is poured. Before pouring into this hole, the first brewed tea is poured into cups and only then into the cavity of the tray. All these steps represent the traditional way of preparing tea, where the tea leaves are washed away from possible dust and other impurities, and the cups are heated. During this time, the tea leaves remain in a bowl called gaiwan. Hot water is poured into it several times, and the process of pouring tea from gaiwan into a tray is repeated until the right aroma and color of the tea is obtained. Each time, the tea is poured into cups to be warmed and prepared for drinking.

This beautiful Chinese tradition has not left us indifferent. That is why we are delighted that we have included the Bamboo Chinese Tea Trays in our product range because this way of making tea is unique to the Chinese people. Therefore, these trays are also distinctive. If you opt for one of the trays, you too can be part of a remarkable tradition and prepare tea in a way that the Chinese have been doing for thousands of years.

Tea tray - part of the Chinese tea ceremony

Drinking tea is a great way to relax, especially with the perfect tea set or as part of a special tea ceremony. Your senses will thank you if you treat them to an amazing tea set. Serving tea is a small art in itself, just as much as preparing delicious and high-quality tea.

Our Bamboo Chinese Tea Trays are one of the accessories used for the tea ceremony. They are gorgeous, shallow, and can be found in three different sizes. The function of the tea tray is to hold your teapots and cups and can be filled with any overflow of water or water discarded in the brewing process. Made of high-quality bamboo wood, this tea tray is durable, elegant, and very comfortable to use with a polished smooth surface. The texture of bamboo is reflected in a clean and straightforward look. The tray is easy to use, and the space for your Gongfu tea tasting is easy to clean. This bowl is simply perfect for your tea set.

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Specifications of the Bamboo Chinese Tea Trays

Our Bamboo Chinese Tea Trays can be found in three models. The dimensions of each model are different:

  • Bamboo tray 1 - Length: 38.5cm, Width: 15.2cm, Depth: 4cm
  • Bamboo tray 2 - Length: 27cm, Width: 14,2cm, Depth: 3cm
  • Bamboo + Melamine - Length: 20.5cm, Width: 20.5cm, Depth: 2.5cm

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