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Moving to a new city, house, apartment or building a cottage is always a reason to celebrate and have fun. One of the most pleasant moments when moving into a new apartment is sharing the joy with friends and family, and this entails certain customs - preparing housewarming gifts or simply gifts that the guest wants to bring to the host and are intended for the interior of the living space.

The new space evokes specific emotions - it offers new residents the opportunity to create and display elegant kitchens, luxurious living rooms, romantic bedrooms or charming rooms. Maybe a workspace too, why not?

As a rule, guests are busy choosing gifts for new arrivals in the new home. If you want to visit friends, to celebrate moving into a new apartment, take a look at our list of suitable household gifts:

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40 gift ideas

A new home is a good reason to celebrate, and the best way to congratulate your loved ones with an adequate housewarming gift. If your friend moved into an apartment bought on a loan in a new building or your relative recently unlocked the door to his first house, he will appreciate any gift aimed at increasing the quality of housing. So something they are currently missing in the new space.

When it comes to choosing a gift, we advise you to think carefully. Whether you are buying an expensive gift for rich people who have everything, or those who have invested their money and are left with no money at all - buy good and quality things, even if they are symbolic. If you don't have a big budget, don't worry, this is all real life. Your friends will understand and accept with the greatest joy whatever you are able to give them. Don't forget, attention and respect are the most important.

What is an original and inexpensive gift for babysitting at home? How to choose a gift if you are not on a budget? Look for items that are necessary and comfortable for your grown children who have bought an apartment and separated from the family nest, or perhaps for loved ones in their new home. If you need help brainstorming, here are some gift ideas that are perfect for just about anyone.

Organization and delivery of a festive dinner from a good restaurant

Young people are busy with work, and then there are details about moving. You organize catering for them or a celebration in a restaurant, where they will gather family and friends and treat them to a joyful event. Moving to a new home will be easier if you don't spend days preparing dinner, arranging furniture, unpacking, repairs and other details that accompany every move to a new space. Free them from the hassle of worrying about the celebration itself.

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Beautiful candlesticks - a wonderful gift for new tenants

Nothing evokes such a feeling of warmth and coziness faster than lighting up a room with live fire. Small and cute tongues of flame on candles in perfect candlesticks will create a pleasant atmosphere during the feast. You can look for handmade, unique candlesticks, provided you are looking for something with a sophisticated and contemporary design.

Fresh pastries

Head to a local bakery near your new home to buy a basket of goodies or bake pancakes, pies, and herbs. Also, you should have something sweet in your own kitchen. Also, you can choose something from their favorite pastry shop. It's hard to go wrong when it comes to food - straw or sweet. The surprise will turn out to be cheap and original.

Flowers in a beautiful vase

What to give housewives and friends who have a developed sense of beauty? Decorate the space with magnificent flowers in a perfect vase. Flowers will create a pleasant and natural atmosphere, filling the space in the rooms.

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Potted indoor plants

If you're looking for something that will last longer than classic bouquets, then leafy plants in original pots might be the way to go. The plant requires care and if the newcomers are busy people, then pay attention to what flower you should give them, especially if they have central heating that dries out the air. Succulents or junipers that do not require frequent watering and special treatment may suit you. But overall, this is a great gift choice.

Dish set

Food storage is something that each of us has to deal with. As a rule, it is customary to give the hosts the items they need most at the moment. The best time to organize your home is when you move to a new space. Help relatives or friends by giving them a set of quality dishes and storage boxes that can be placed in refrigerators or cupboards.

Covers for beds or armchairs

Are you wondering what to give your parents for gatherings at home? Help mom and dad who have just moved into a new apartment feel comfortable and cozy. Super soft bed covers are enough for that! Plaid models made of wool, fleece, cotton or a cotton/polyester blend are incredibly soft, and the price range is quite wide. If you don't know the color scheme of their home, choose a neutral blanket for any room.

A nostalgic gift

Most past events evoke a nostalgic and painful feeling of what is left of the past. Find out where your loved ones have been, what they will remember with joy, where they rested and give them a travel map in a frame with colored countries and cities from which they bring back the best memories.

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Floor mat

If you are thinking about what to give your friends as an original gift for housework, then think about what they rarely get and what every home needs. A new apartment or house requires a nice rug in front of the front door. Simple or classic or create a custom rug with an interesting saying or inscription. Most likely, this is what the tenants have already planned to buy, but you can accommodate them and relieve them of that obligation.

Tool kit

This is a gift anyone can buy! Every home needs a set of basic tools (at least) for small repairs. A practical, useful gift for people moving into their first house or apartment. Perhaps young people have not yet acquired a basic set of tools: it is unlikely that a young sister or girlfriend who moves to a new apartment has a hammer, measuring tapes, wrenches and screwdrivers, pliers and the like. Add a few handy items like a spirit level, a light, wire pliers, and the like.

A gift voucher for a massage

Packing, moving and unpacking as well as repairs are hard work. Help a friend, sister, brother or parent to relieve stress and feel comfortable and rested again. Send them on vacation with a voucher for a massage at a nearby SPA.

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Gift voucher for cleaning services (no date)

What to give a girl who has little free time? Most houses and apartments after renovation require hard work to clean the space. Even if the (new) owners of the property have already done the surface cleaning, you can prepare another gift for them that will always be useful, regardless of when the host will use it.

Keys keeper

Getting a girlfriend or a friend to furnish the house will become cheap in itself if you ask them what they would like you to get. If you currently do not have enough funds for an expensive gift, you are forced to make a choice based on real possibilities, not just their wishes. Then we can suggest you an inexpensive, but necessary and elegant household souvenir that will not completely empty your wallet, and at the same time will fit perfectly into the new home of the happy owners.

Recipe book

A new kitchen includes culinary inspiration, and the question of what to give as a housewarming gift can be easily solved. Help your friends enjoy cooking by giving them a recipe book! It can be a collection of dishes from exotic countries or for the preparation of sweets, the perfect guide for preparing a feast of any kind. Or, simply, recipes for their favorite dishes.

Key pendant

The best gifts are those that the person will use often. Let's say - on a daily basis. An ideal practical gift for new tenants is a stylish key chain. A symbolic gift will remind them of you every time they pick up the keys to the house.

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A bottle of wine or other alcoholic beverages

Everyone needs moments of relaxation. There are many ways to relax, but sometimes you need a glass of something stronger after a long day of unpacking when moving. Giving the host a bottle of alcoholic drink or famous brand of wine is a great idea. A good gift for a friend will be a collection of champagne, a great opportunity to relax. A more significant gift - a set of expensive glasses with a bottle of quality drink.

A few gift ideas for new property owners

There are so many traditional gift ideas and fresh ideas for housewarming gifts. Think about what on their list would make the best gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend or family. And come and enjoy the gathering and joy of settlers in a new home!

Practical gifts for the household

If you want to choose a practical gift for the hosts, choose tableware or one of the small household appliances.

  • Ironing board
  • Pressure cooker
  • Electric kettle
  • Tea set
  • shelves
  • Crepe paper holder
  • Waffle molds
  • Fruit basket

Other household gifts

Your relatives got or bought a house/apartment, and you have enough money for a good solid gift? Then these ideas will help you choose an adequate item and please your hosts:

  • Small household appliances
  • Pictures or diptych
  • fridge
  • Wardrobe for the living room
  • Curtains for the windows in the living room
  • Club set of coffee tables
  • TV with stereo
  • vacuum cleaner
  • Bedroom furniture
  • chairs
  • Couch
  • Chest of drawers
  • Sliding wardrobe
  • Coffee machine
  • mixer
  • Ice cream maker
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Symbolic gifts

If you are not a close friend of the new settlers, it will be quite adequate if you give them a purely symbolic surprise and congratulate them on a joyful moment in their lives. They can be friends, acquaintances or new neighbors.

  • Indoor flower
  • Photo frames
  • Decoupage bread box
  • Gloves
  • Basket for household items
  • A couple of glasses
  • Carved wood
  • The painting
  • Kitchen towels
  • Bottle rack
  • A glass vase
  • Sweets
  • Souvenirs of various kinds
  • A bottle of wine or other alcohol
  • Cake
  • Device for removing pits from fruit
  • Knife for cleaning fruits and vegetables
  • Mat for pots and pans

How to choose a gift for the household

Your budget may be limited. That's why we bring you a list of ideas for getting cheap and practical gifts.

  • Gift set with sweets
  • Porcelain set
  • Cabbage chopper
  • Knife for peeling apples
  • Mop
  • Posters
  • Bathroom curtain
  • Baskets for tea or coffee
  • Gift Voucher
  • Bathroom mat
  • Salad bowl
  • Board for chopping vegetables
  • Original soap and toothbrush cup

Gifts for household members

What to give as a gift for a new household, if it is the work of your own hands - if you made it yourself?

  • Sew curtains for the kitchen.
  • Handmade bedroom rug
  • Homemade cake, an ideal gift for newly arrived neighbors
  • A pair of handmade slippers is a beautiful and useful gift.
  • The rag toy is ideal for decorating a new space.
  • Decorative frame for pictures, mirrors or any other purpose.
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Tips for gifts for family members

Moving to a new home is not an easy task. This is a new beginning and experience, but we know that shifting all things to several levels is very difficult and not at all easy. Whether you're a best friend helping workers load a couch into a truck, a new neighbor, or just a loved one who's invited to a moving party, pack a good party favor. Try to avoid noise so as not to disturb the neighbors of the new settlers. Maybe they have small children or the noise bothers them for some other reason.

One important thing to know about housewarming gifts is that you don't need to wrap them. Take a few items you intend to give away, put them in a decorative gift bag or basket, and ring the doorbell of your new neighbor or friend.

As a homemaker, you will find it easier to understand if you know what the new property looks like and what the dimensions of the rooms are. If it's your first time visiting someone in a new apartment and helping them move, you can easily find out what the new owners of the property need. If they have moved from a large house to a smaller one, chests of drawers or cupboards can come in handy.

But if your family or friends are moving from a smaller to a larger space, then the choice of gifts is much greater. A set of towels for a new bathroom, perhaps? A floor lamp of top design can be a practical and appropriate gift.

For all those who do not have enough money, a practical gift can be - money. In this case, the hosts will be able to choose the things they will need, so in that case money is the ideal choice.

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