Wall clocks for modern living room

Wall clocks used to be a must in almost every home. Today, clocks represent something completely different. We may say much more than mere functionality and an object that, in addition to showing the correct time, is also used as a kind of decoration in the room.

Classic, contemporary, or perhaps avant-garde design, the beauty of modern wall clocks for the living room goes beyond the essential purpose - showing the time.

Manufacturers are now competing to offer a more beautiful watch that will fit perfectly into any environment - in terms of design, style, elegance, appearance, or other characteristics.

Modern wall clocks for the living room are now at the center of attention and are seen as decorative items. If we talk about the choice, we can safely say that it is enormous in modern times: regardless of whether you are looking for a specific size, color, design, shape, material from which the watch is made, or anything else, you can be sure that you will find it.

The dials can be with Roman or Arabic numerals. Perhaps with unusual markings in the places that show the hours and minutes, they can be backlit, analog, or digital. Overall, there is an adequate solution for every room and every occasion.

Wrought iron wall clock - ZenQ Designs

Source: ZenQ Designs

What shape and style should the wall clock be?

In ancient times, the only two shapes in which clocks were made were circular or square. Modern users are looking for a stylish wall clock for the living room, which will primarily be a decoration in their home. Maybe even some kind of artwork.

This object can undoubtedly contribute to the overall visual experience of the room. Saying that we have something special on our mind - in which it is placed, its charm, and its suitability for both residential and business premises. However, pay attention to the matching of styles - classic furniture means that the clock should also be of traditional, sophisticated forms. At the same time, the modernly equipped space offers a much wider choice.

Young married couples often have the desire to decorate a children's room. In such cases, they choose a lively design with lots of different colors to make the room as playful and exciting as possible for the child. For older people, the most popular watches are classic shapes with a wooden case, while for the office, contemporary-designed clocks are the most popular. It is common to find several of them in the office, showing the time in some important world cities.

If you are looking for a good decoration for the children's room, choose colorful clocks with some of the characters from classics or cartoons for the little ones. If you are furnishing a space for your parents or any older person, obey their tastes and get a classic clock with a wooden case. When choosing clocks for the office, you can combine several of them, showing the exact time in some of the world's metropolises that have specific importance for you and your business.

The influence of designers on wall clocks

We also offer atypical modern wall clocks for the living room, classified as designer work. They are there to add glamor and elegance. And that is their primary function. If you are a supporter of extremes, you can choose one of the disco watches. Then, some clocks change color in a specific time interval. Still, there are also three-dimensional creations where the numbers are particularly prominent.

Modern wall clocks for living rooms can be made of different materials, including transparent ones, which contribute to the three-dimensional effect and enable background lighting.

Wall clocks are no longer talked about as they were a few decades ago, even centuries ago. They are an object that reflects the owner's taste, style, and direction but also complements the decor of any space.

Therefore, the next time you arrange your living or business space, think about choosing an adequate wall clock.

Nordic metal wall clock - ZenQ Designs

Source: ZenQ Designs

Minimalist wall clocks

Current trends show that minimalist design has dominated recently, so decorators of business or residential spaces are increasingly opting for them.

The fact is that each of us has a personal attitude, taste, and outlook on life, but also time. Wall clocks intended for such a clientele are exceptional and dynamic, representing actual sculptural elements. We can freely say that it is currently the most exciting segment of watches. You can find the most diverse models. They are diversified in size, shape, materials, backgrounds, unique hands, digital dials, and many other details that take your breath away.

They say that no two watch models represent a unique way and lifestyle, with different perceptions and time management. After all, look at what is on offer and compare, and you will be surprised!

Let's look at the focus of modern customers. We can easily conclude that these are wall clocks with sharp lines, mostly straight, which fit perfectly into the combination of colors and highly complex patterns. There are also models whose shape depends on the lighting and viewing angle.

Wall clock - DIY

At the moment, the DIY principle is popular, which brought an entirely new segment and appearance of modern wall clocks for living rooms. It may sound unbelievable, but self-adhesive wall clocks are a current hit. They have become a matter of prestige, a fashion trend, and everything that can be called "in," whether they are found in the business or living space. If you go to extremes, you will easily find watches made of precious or semi-precious stones, metals, crystals, and similar expensive materials.

Such clocks contribute to making the space look not only more elegant and shiny but also more prominent. All in all, such clocks have the power to transform the room in which they are placed entirely.

Urban and modern people will choose three-dimensional wall clocks because they always keep up with the times. A clock like this will fit perfectly regardless of where you want to place it.

In addition to functionality and the role of a decorative item, these watches are guaranteed to bring you a certain amount of fun. You are probably wondering - how? Namely, you can install them easily yourself, without the help of experts. To turn this into a performance, hire family members or friends, and have a real party!

We assume that you will particularly like the following information. These watches are not expensive. However, price ranges vary depending on preferences, just like in any other field.

Large nordic vintage metal clock - ZenQ DesignsSource: ZenQ Designs

Variations on a theme

Remember that your imagination is the only limiting factor when choosing. Well, then, let's go through the current offer:

Wall clocks are one of several types of clocks

The primary purpose of every watch is functionality and practicality. The clocks are used to measure time; regardless of whether they are analog or digital, they have been around for a very long time. However, the clocks on the walls have another essential function - decoration. Therefore, they enliven the atmosphere, make it more pleasant and decorate the space.

Wall clock sizes vary according to need

The wall clock size depends solely on the customer's taste and requirements. However, each of them should match the free surfaces on the walls.

Accordingly, their sizes also vary, from the smallest to gigantic dimensions. Therefore, the customer can choose between dials, base colors, and other "details." The choice is yours alone.

Salvador Dali Melting Clock - ZenQ Designs

Source: ZenQ Designs


It also happens that the numbers are mixed for stylistic reasons

It is a common practice to offer watches with dials on which the numbers are written in two ways: with Roman or Arabic symbols. The reason is primarily aesthetic and not functional. Customers often opt for a nautical design because clocks are used on all vessels without exception.

Wall clocks can be of different designs and of course different shapes

Clocks can be square or circular, and these are the most commonly used. Those that resemble old clocks at railway stations are also interesting. They are, however, more suitable for cafes and restaurants, i.e., rooms for relaxation and unconventional gatherings.

Wall clock mechanisms can also be found mounted on old gramophone records

And finally, it is not difficult to conclude that there is an extensive range of clocks. Which one you will decide depends only on you, your taste, and the space you have intended it for. Price and quality are specific parameters you will look at when buying, so don't rush.

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