How to decorate a long living room wall?

To achieve elegance in the decoration of the living room, you need inspiration and imagination. Maybe you've just moved, and your living room is just an empty room right now. Or you want to turn your old-fashioned living room into a modern space full of life.

Regardless of the situation, your initiative can be successfully realized without introducing drastic changes. Decorative details, color, and texture are elements that can bring life to a space intended for relaxation if you choose them carefully.

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Here are some valuable and simple tips for decorating your living room:

The choice of colors for the living room depends on the characteristics of the space

Choose the color palette that best suits your space, and start with assessing the room's characteristics.

  • Large windows and lots of natural light – you can use saturated gemstone colors like emerald green, sapphire blue, or one of the earth colors. The morning of the living room can integrate solid and dark colors without losing transparency. However, be careful with yellow shades as natural light can amplify them and the living room can look overlit.
  • Dark atmosphere - here, you have two options: you can fake the light, using light shades like wood chips or off-white, or you can emphasize the intimate atmosphere of the space using dark and warm color palettes, in chocolate shades.
  • Main Element – ​​If you're remodeling a space but don't want to give up the comfy sofa you already have, or if you've discovered a large rug that seems perfect for your area, use those elements as inspiration to create a color palette. Determine the primary shades from their design and apply them to the decoration of the living room. But, be careful to follow the proportions in which those colors are found on the carpet or the picture on the wall.


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Add visual appearance to the walls

Sometimes, adding a special note to the living room is enough to decorate the walls. This interior decorating technique is perfect when you have white borders.

You can use decorative mirrors, stickers, pictures, or wall decorations. You can create a personalized, symmetrical, or asymmetrical design. But, be sure to pay attention to the proportions. Small mirrors on large walls can look strange, and a row of 10 pictures on the only free wall in the living room can create confusion and make the room look cluttered.

Combine style with functionality

The living room is not only a place to hang out but also a functional space that should fulfill your and your family's needs.

Try to find new ways to integrate decorative and functional items. The club table is a base for specific decorative details (ceramic figurines, books). Still, it is also useful when you have guests and want to offer them a drink or dessert.

Decorate the windows

In general, windows in the living space can have only two decorative elements—one for light control and privacy and the other for aesthetic reasons.

You can combine blinds with curtains to achieve harmony in the space while controlling the amount of light that enters the room.

A decorating trick

Place the curtains above the window frame as close to the ceiling as possible. That way, you will visually confirm the height of the living room.

The charm of the modern and elegant decoration of the living room lies in carefully selected details. Get inspiration from our tips, and decorating your living room will be much easier than you initially thought.

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How to decorate a wall in a room by hand: the best decor ideas

When the renovation ends, it's time to think about the decor of each room. Any designer considers an empty wall as a basis for implementing original ideas. Before decorating a wall in a room, it is desirable to see how others have done it using different methods and techniques.

Rules for decorating the walls in the living room

Thinking about how you can decorate the wall in the room with your own hands, you cannot ignore the experts' recommendations. The desired result cannot be achieved without following the simple and logical advice of design and decoration experts.

Matching the decor with the style of the room is an essential principle of decorating walls in an apartment or house. You agree it would be funny if the living room in the Scandinavian style in the spirit of "winter fairy tale" is decorated with frescoes with palm trees and a view of the ocean. Or, in a bedroom with a palace interior, you can place knitted toys - characters from modern cartoons.

Wall decor should not fill all vertical surfaces. It is recommended to make one main wall with your own hands for collage, exposure, modular pictures, or wall decor in the room. Attention will be focused on him, and considering the most exciting elements will be more enjoyable.

It is better when the wall decorations are uniform or complement each other. That is a favorite method of interior designers. Variants of computer processing of a portrait will look original - your idol or your "loved ones."

The rule of seasonality, for example, velvety autumn leaves or spring flowers. Do not combine them under any circumstances.

Scenes of several elements united by a typical plot make sense. You can decorate the room's wall with butterflies in motion or flying birds. Such decor will give more life and dynamism to any urban interior.

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Painting, combined with a common technique, is gaining popularity. A mini gallery in nude style is suitable for the bedroom. It is better to decorate the wall by hand in the living room and draw some decent pictures. As an option - buy modular images (4-3 individual photos, where the general landscape is divided into several segments/elements). The same applies to different types of handicrafts.

Reflecting your vision of the world through hobbies and interests can be very inspiring. Interior design is not so attractive when the pictures are faceless. Let the wall decorations in each room become an original expression of your mood or worldview.

For example, you can illustrate the wall in the kitchen with a picture of a coffee machine, a sketch of coffee beans, or a picture of instant coffee, then ground cinnamon and the like. In the bedroom of orchid lovers, 3D wallpapers can be displayed next to the bed. The hunter's living room will be decorated with appropriate wall attributes. And so on, according to desire and affinities.

Drawings on the walls

Many make the mistake of believing that only people with artistic talent can decorate a wall in a room. But many don't even assume that they have natural talent. They don't even know how to draw. But why not try some affordable technique?

To do this, you need a smooth wall to paint and a template of the image you want to place on it. Without much effort, you can manually paint the wall decoration with your own hands. Drawing options:

  • Spray pattern
  • Black and white square silhouette
  • Prints of various objects
  • Painting and coloring with fingers
  • Fill the square shapes with colors


An art school student can offer you an absolute masterpiece for a minimal fee. Those who want something special, but are not sure of their talents, are recommended to invite a friend or acquaintance who will make a sketch or a complete drawing. For example, if you know a talented teenager who loves graffiti, allow him to express himself in full glory.

Offer him a bag of chips and a can of juice with which you will decorate the wall in the hallway (another room) with your hands after you approve the sketch. The mixed technique also looks perfect - combining several methods, for example, decorative plaster, modeling, and painting.

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Application on paper

Budget way - you can decorate the wall in the room with paper. Today it is a general trend, and identical elements on an accented surface look luxurious. One of the ideas is voluminous large-format flowers of the same color as the wall color.

Experts use different types of materials:

  • metalized paper or foil;
  • thin black drawing paper;
  • corrugated, dense, and thin cardboard;
  • toilet paper, wrapping paper, corrugated paper, colored paper, and velvet paper;
  • iridescent "hologram";
  • remnants of wallpaper;
  • stickers;
  • newspapers, magazines, posters

From everything that can be cut with scissors and glued to the wall, a person with a creative approach can create an exclusive decoration on the wall with his own hands.

Exhibitions on the wall

An empty wall is an excellent opportunity to show your talent, especially if you have accumulated enough exhibits. A domestic exhibition can be organized in different ways:

  • a small stand against the wall;
  • glass or wooden shelves;
  • hanging elements on supports;
  • scattered objects on glasses or nails.

The exhibition is the perfect solution for those who do not know how to decorate the wall in the room. Some like to make dolls or toys, others to knit or knit something, make original forms from plastic bottles, and the like.

The products can be publicly displayed if they are made at a decent artistic level. At the same time, it will be an original decor for an empty corner or wall.

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Paintings or photo gallery?

Lovers of home comfort in retro style know how to decorate the wall with their photos. To do this, choosing the most exciting pictures and images with similar meanings are recommended. 

Today, everyone has access to digital processing and photoshop, with which you can transform old photos: you can enlarge or reduce them, change the color, perspective, whatever you want.

  • brighten and enhance contrast;
  • add color or convert to black and white photo;
  • Apply various filters;
  • apply a more radical treatment. Create ready-made pictures in frames (buy them or make them yourself).

Furthermore, you should prepare enough space to decorate the wall with photos. The position can be linear, chaotic, or curly, for example, in the shape of a heart, a circle, or a step. The same techniques are used for an improvised picture gallery. They may or may not belong to one author or form one plot—everything according to your wishes.

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