Lighting in interior design - tips for decorating the space

There are many reasons why LED lighting is recommended: it is long-lasting, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly - but also highly flexible regarding interior design.

A well-planned lighting design can significantly contribute to the aesthetic experience of the room, provide a more pleasant feeling, make the environment more attractive, and influence the creation of the desired ambiance depending on the purpose of the space itself.

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LED lamps in home lighting

Although at first glance, it seems that the lighting of industrial plants, business premises, and areas of specific purposes is more demanding than the lighting of the home, such a claim is not founded. The reason why lighting the rooms in the house is the more significant challenge is the very purpose of the space we call home.


These rooms are where people wake up, stay and rest every day, demanding a dose of functionality, comfort, and aesthetic satisfaction. The link between aesthetics and functionality is not always strong and requires a unique approach and professionalism.

The plan is detailed on commercial projects, and decisions are made and implemented. In residential projects, there is usually an additional need to satisfy personal aesthetic standards, considering that clients want to be familiar with all the details of implementing appropriate lighting in their home, which follows frequent changes of wishes and ideas

For this reason, the lighting contractor in residential buildings must act patiently and be prepared for various requests and the architectural and aesthetic challenges each house and room may have. Despite this, LED lighting and interior design are closely related, and LED lighting in the home can significantly contribute to any room's decoration and aesthetic experience. We have a lot of experience in this field, so our general-purpose lighting for decorating business and residential premises is a frequent choice of architects and designers.

LED lighting for the living room

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When it comes to the lighting of the living room, the main advantage of LED lighting, in addition to saving money, is that it gives the possibility to adjust the ambient lighting. Lighting control, as well as changing the color of the light, allow people to adjust the light in their living room depending on the time of day, mood, and occasion.

Practical and, at the same time, attractive solutions for lighting the living room can be wall lamps, as well as freestanding lamps that provide local lighting. These lamps are an excellent choice for placing next to the bed or desk; in that case, the light is focused precisely on the desired corner.

Appropriate lighting for the bathroom - a unique challenge

The most important thing when installing lighting in the bathroom is the careful design and provision of installations, given that it is a room with running water. It is often the case that planned bathroom lighting begins with a solution for lighting the region around the sink, based on which a different lighting scheme is developed.

Above the sink, according to an unwritten rule, for purely practical reasons, a mirror is placed. The lighting must be directed towards the person standing in front of the sink to provide an optimal illumination level. Wall lighting above the mirror, as well as lamps that can be installed on bathroom shelves or cabinets, are simple and, at the same time, elegant solutions that make the bathroom pleasant to use.

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The recommendation would be indirect lighting around the rim because the face in front of the mirror is evenly lit. Similar to the situation in daylight. Lighting above the mirror can cast an unusual and unrealistic light on the face and make it look different from daytime. And that can be uncomfortable and unpleasant for the eyes.

If the bathroom is small or there is no possibility of installing a ceiling light, the light above the sink can be a good solution for lighting the entire room.

If there is a possibility of using the ceiling, then the right solution is to install central LED lighting so that the light can be evenly distributed throughout the room. Built-in or overhead ceiling lights are used for bathrooms, making the room visually more spacious.

For bathrooms, a light color temperature of around 4,000 K is recommended and a light color reproduction index greater than 80. ZenQ lighting in its product range contains unique solutions for bathroom lighting, whether the wall, surface, or built-in lamps.

Another essential item is that for bathrooms, according to the standard, a higher degree of protection against moisture. It is provided compared to other rooms, at least IP44 in some areas, even IP65.

Lighting for the kitchen - the necessity of practical aesthetic solutions

For kitchen lighting, where a large number of different activities are performed, each work area must have its lighting. Given that various electrical devices and accessories are used in the kitchen, additional lighting is not out of the question. For these rooms, lamps with accent lighting can be a practical solution.

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If the kitchen and dining room are connected, local lighting is also an excellent choice to distinguish between the two parts and achieve a pleasing aesthetic atmosphere. For certain kitchen elements, such as the stove or the sink, wall lights can provide good local lighting that contributes to activities' safe and precise performance.

For kitchens with high ceilings, overhead or hanging lamps in the central part are an excellent solution to distribute the light evenly throughout the room. An aesthetic atmosphere in kitchen areas can be achieved by installing recessed lights in the suspended ceiling or LED lights with lighting control to create a unique ambiance.

The lighting of business premises - arrangement of office space

The interior design says a lot about the company and affects the impression when the client or business partner first finds themselves in the office or meeting room. That is why it is essential that the lighting in business premises contributes to creating an environment that will leave the impression of a severe and successful company while simultaneously providing employees with optimal working conditions.

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In larger spaces, such as meeting rooms, a suitable solution can be hanging lamps above the table where the meeting takes place. Such lights will provide visual comfort to meeting participants, while evenly distributed wall lamps will favor the creation of a pleasant business atmosphere. Here, lighting management is of great importance due to the increasingly frequent use of AV equipment in these rooms.

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