Cozy bedroom lighting - stunning ideas

Bedroom lamps not only illuminate the space but can change the mood, transform function and enhance aesthetics. In addition, LED lighting can do a lot in terms of energy savings.

That is why it is good to know what to pay attention to when choosing a light for the bedroom. Of course, aesthetics are in the first place, but there are other details that the storyteller should consider. Let's start in order, about some basic groupings of cozy bedroom lightning.


Setting the base using ceiling lights

A ceiling lamp with a dimmer is always an excellent start to creating cozy bedroom lighting. For practical light when cleaning, for setting any atmosphere, and for general light that reduces contrast when you read in bed before going to sleep when you need a nightstand lamp. Such a solution is much more pleasing to the eyes.

Moon table lamp for reading in bedroom - ZenQ Designs

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Reading lamp

Like all dedicated lighting, bedside reading lamps provide directional light that facilitates concentration for long periods. Smaller lamps around the room are also a wise choice to make the room appear larger. This way, you will undoubtedly achieve the much-desired wow effect and achieve everything cozy bedroom lightning represents.

When you come to the lamp store - physical or virtual - try to choose a model that will fit into the overall atmosphere of your bedroom. In the ZenQ online store, you can find a wide selection of bedside lamps. Choose your own and enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere.

Arc Shaped Nordic Floor Lamp in white color - ZenQ Designs

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Ambient lighting creates an atmosphere

Decorative and ambient lighting has a calming effect. And that is very important in the bedroom. Just imagine a white opal lampshade or an LED bar that fills your room with discreet light. Not too firm, not too weak, but precisely as expected in the bedroom. Trust us; it is one of the solutions for Cozy bedroom lightning. Add a smart bulb to the Lamp, and you'll be able to adjust the brightness exceptionally easily with a wireless dimmer.

In some cases, even through a mobile app. Sounds tempting.

Modern Minimalist Round Wall Lamp in Bedroom - ZenQ Designs

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Decorative bulbs for natural shine

Just think, has anyone set the rules for how lighting should look in the bedroom? Of course, you can't remember because there is no such rule. Remember only one thing, to create Cozy Bedroom lightning, you need to organize the light the way only you want and like it.

Let's also note that the bedroom is an intimate room, more personal than the toilet: no one enters it except you and your partner (which cannot be said about the bathroom), so it is a corner of the apartment or house intended only for you, your taste, needs and sense of aesthetics.

So why would you decorate your bedroom according to someone else's taste? Will someone else be staying in your bedroom? Not! Will someone else sleep in it and have pleasant moments? Not! So, the answer to creating Cozy Bedroom lightning is self-evident: you can seek expert advice, but the final decision is yours alone!

We recommend that you consider getting a model from the group of decorative bulbs. With them, you will achieve that you will not only illuminate the space with quality but also have a decorative object in that light source. And that, of course, depends on your unique taste, and you're sure to find something for yourself.

Pendant Light with frosted glass balls - ZenQ Designs

Source: ZenQ Designs


The most common mistakes when arranging a bedroom

Organizing the space in the bedroom is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Therefore, when furnishing the interior, many apartment owners make mistakes that can affect not only the appearance of the room but also your comfort.

Let's look at some of the most common mistakes people make when decorating their bedrooms and find out how we can avoid them. Adequate lighting is one of the ways to achieve the expected results.

Oversized chandelier

If you are not the owner of a one-room apartment, the bedroom in it also serves as a living room and kitchen. Installing a large lamp under the ceiling can be redundant and completely unnecessary.

Intense light is usually not justified or desirable in the interior of the bedroom; what's more, it turns the room into a hall for receiving guests, but not a living room. And not in the bedroom.

In the bedroom, the leading light is not the main light but in the form of floor lamps, walls, and table lamps. These devices should illuminate the room, but choosing a classic chandelier hanging from the ceiling with two or three medium-power LED bulbs is better. Tao will achieve Cozy Bedroom Lighting.

Empty walls

Although the bedroom is primarily for relaxation, making it a space exclusively for sleeping would be wrong. Ascetic furniture, mismatched walls, boring furniture and bedding, and ancient light sources do not contribute to the mood. On the contrary, it creates a dark atmosphere and discomfort.

The walls in the bedroom are an empty surface that you can turn into something original, beautiful, and unique. To your taste, of course. Even if you decorate only one wall with a contrasting color, add a few exciting lamps. Also, trim the other with a few photos illuminated by spotlights made just for that purpose. You can transform the room's atmosphere. Try it; it will convince you of the importance of everything we suggest.

Dark interior

The beauty of dark solid tones should not deceive you because, in the bedroom, the rich wall color may not be adequate. And, that is not concerning how much quality light you install to achieve Cozy Bedroom Lightning.

It has been known for a long time that we should not use dark blue, burgundy, blueberry, chocolate, or even black in the bedroom. Why are they pirated? Such a (dark) environment has a substantial effect and interferes with a cheerful morning awakening. And in the morning, not even the best-LED lighting can help improve your mood.

If you like a rich assortment, try to choose derived shades a few tones lighter, for example, instead of black or graphite. Choose gray-brown or dove-gray for the walls, and you can replace blue with azure or pastel blue.

Do not forget to combine dark shades with lots of white and cream, complementing them with sparkling accessories and bright decor. Don't forget that light makes life, so treat yourself to Cozy Bedroom Lighting.

Monotonous design

A few years ago, the use of unique fabric for sewing curtains, bedspreads, and covers for upholstered furniture for bedrooms. Today, decorating the bedroom in such a way is considered bad manners, and the interior of the bedroom is tasteless.

Do not be afraid to combine fabrics and accessories' materials, shades, and textures. Just remember that the combination of natural materials in the interior looks the most valued and expensive: products made of velvet and silk, wool and cotton, knitted and jacquard products. In addition, decorative objects in the color of precious metals will add a unique charm to the design of the bedroom. Do you recognize the role of the light source in achieving that atmosphere? Cozy bedroom lighting is at your fingertips.

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