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There's nothing that makes your home design more bright and lively then house plants. Plants are gorgeous, affordable, spiritual, and useful. They possess such luscious, green color tones, and green is the color most associated with life, nature, vitality, and energy. All the right things that perfect home design needs.
Whether your interior is large or narrow, traditional or ultra-modern, a houseplant always creates an impressive highlight. And, if one is good, three is better, or as they say – the more the merrier.

A perfect plant(s)

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First, there's no perfect plant. Or, better yet, all of them are perfect in their own way. You should choose one that "speaks to you". Above all, you will have to nourish them day after day. Different colors, sizes, and shapes, plants will add a fresh and vibrant feel to your home. But, when decorating with houseplants, the crucial thing is a location. Place them where they will be safe and easy to maintain, based on the type of plant, its humidity, sunlight, and growth requirements. Many houseplants are easy to grow, but in order to thrive, they do need appropriate care, which often means that you gonna have to try to mimic the climate of the place that plant came from. Be prepared to settle for a balance between the look you imagined and the plant's real needs, and find the location where it offers the most aesthetic value.

More than eye-catching

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House plants are mighty statement pieces for your interior design, but they are not just plain ornaments. Your beautiful green friends breathe energy into living space by making them exotic, positive and alive. Most houseplants are effective indoor purifiers while releasing oxygen and adding humidity to dry rooms. Research by NASA has revealed that "houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxin in 24 hours". Studies have also proven that "indoor plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent!), reduce stress levels and boost your mood". The presence of potted plants has a positive impact on the human condition. In particular, plants have been shown to lower blood pressure, improve reaction times, raise concentration and productivity, improve well-being and perceptions, and lower levels of anxiety. Watching them, spending time with them, tending and watering them has powerful, detoxifying effects on our brain. It's a mighty way of blocking out the daily stresses, so don't underestimate their power. There's so much more to plants than simply place them across the house.

Multiply them

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There's more than one reason to have more than one plant. Houseplants placed together, not only look better, but they tend to grow better, too. Actually, plant groupings create a humid microclimate and enjoy higher humidity levels. The essential concept is to mimic nature in its extraordinary diversity of species, sizes, forms, and colors. So, the variety is key, like in nature. Don't be afraid of differences - the combination of plant sizes is the first step to creating your perfect indoor garden. A giant plant that goes on the floor will look much more interesting if you surround it with some smaller ones. Furthermore, don't just go for the same textures, like all small leaves or big leaves or you will create a doll look. You'd be amazed at how the different leaf textures and colors can complement each other. Different types of plants look best when arranged in groups.

Make it personal

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An indoor garden can be your refuge from the outside world and a source of great joy. Introducing certain plants into your home can help with loneliness and depression, as well as enhancing your mood and creating a soothing living space. The trick is to get personal. Find your own style of exposing them. The first step is to find an aesthetically pleasing container that also addresses the plant's needs, it will significantly contribute to the final look of your house. Be creative and play around with your pots. Try to mix up some terracotta, copper and other various pots. Just like plants, pots with different shapes and colors can look great together too, even if you add some colorful DIY pots. Use a cart or bench to display them. You can also try some plant stands and rope hangers to display your plants at different levels. Basically, any extra surface without much going on is great for adding tons of plants and making it a vibrant, quirky little plant shrine. If you're into minimalism, choose contemporary geometric or eclectic white pots. On the other hand, to really make a statement and be original and different, go with a few unusual plants, such as air plants, or your own terrariums. Terrariums are usually grown inside small to medium-sized glass containers and air plants are mostly seen inside glass globes. Nevertheless, despite what you may think, you do need to bring water to air-plants and terrariums, but these kinds of plant eco-systems require minimal care and don't ask for special maintenance skills, and the effect they have on your interior is unforgettable.

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I guess the message is - green your hose and reconnect with nature. It is a wonderful way to connect ourselves emotionally and spiritually with our own existence, cause, nothing is greener than green.

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