How light affects sleep problems

The human body cannot do without quality sleep, an indisputable fact. That's why the question arises, what led light color is best for sleeping? You should know that during the sleep phase, the brain still works, but in a specific mode. It then processes information about what happened during the day. The organism gets rid of toxins and rests, contributing to normal functioning in the coming period or day.

But many people have a problem with sleep, more precisely insomnia. The consequences are inevitable and visible after just one sleepless night. If the body is exposed to insomnia for three days in a row, the body can no longer function properly. The person is then in big trouble.

What should be done at that moment is to see a doctor. He will establish the reasons for insomnia in the most pleasing way and prescribe the necessary therapy to restore the sleep rhythm to normal. When you usually start to sleep again, the body's general condition will also improve.

The importance of quality sleep is indisputable, but we should not forget that light plays a massive role in it. Well, then, what led light color is best for sleeping?

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Sleep problems - why does light have a significant effect on sleep?


All physiological processes in the human body function according to established principles directly related to cyclical repetition during a certain period of the day. Experts call it the circadian cycle. One of the most significant roles in that process is played by the alternation of day and night: light and darkness. Any disruption of that biological process leads to problems and consequences. Everyone who often travels by plane on long distances knows this phenomenon very well - a phenomenon called jet lag.

The human eye is, among other things, in charge of detecting light and darkness, and the information thus collected is passed on to power. Then, the brain regulates the rhythm and controls several essential functions. These are the rhythm of wakefulness and sleep, body temperature, and hormones responsible for maintaining numerous physiological processes.

How important is light for the normal and healthy functioning of the body? The fact that people with eye injuries have insomnia extensively speaks volumes. The reason for this is the smaller external regulator of wakefulness and sleep. The eye is, therefore, a kind of sensor for tracking time, that is, the ability of live organisms to adapt to current situations, regardless of what phase it is in.

From this, it is not difficult to conclude that organisms naturally adapt day and night. And that regardless of the level of development of a specific living organism, each has its biological clock.

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How does the circadian rhythm work in humans?

Nature arranged everything so that every living organism functions in the best possible way throughout the day—almost 70 percent of the population functions according to these principles. Of course, there is an average, and therefore there are people with certain deviations - more or less.

These differences established two types of people: the first is the type who gets up early and goes to sleep before the others, while the second group of people is the one who functions best at night but therefore wakes up later than the others early risers. It is a genetically innate rhythm of functioning.

Science did not fail on that front either. Hence, the research showed more women among early risers - as much as 65%. In comparison, only 35% are adapted to better functioning at night. For men, the situation is different: slightly less than half (48% to be exact) get up early, meaning the remaining 52% prefer an active lifestyle during the night.

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Artificial lighting can significantly affect the human circadian rhythm

The current age also brings modern technologies, including lighting. Artificial light has significantly changed the environment, especially during the night period. Namely, we should not forget that intense light can easily confuse the organism and lead to a change in natural cycles. They now adapt to artificial light instead of natural light.

Such a condition increases the risk of insomnia, especially in people who like intense artificial light. Their sleep problems are more pronounced and far more significant than those who prefer natural daylight and subdued artificial light. What is extremely important is knowing that long-term exposure to artificial light during the night can lead to serious health problems.

Not all artificial lights are the same

Different light sources have a diverse spectrum of light radiation. The impact of light radiation on people's health is not the same. If the body is exposed to blue light, there is an increase in alertness and attention. Blue light promotes activity, which is ideal during the day. However, such a state is not the most desirable during the evening hours because it prevents the secretion of hormones that prepare the body for sleep.

If you want to provide yourself with as natural an environment as possible, try to provide light sources that mimic the natural cycle of light emission. These are warmer tones. So, avoid harsh and cold techniques.

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How LED technology affects a person and his sleep

The manufacturing technology of LED bulbs produces more blue light than conventional light sources. However, modern times and technological achievements have made it possible to control the color temperature of the morning so that it adapts to natural light to the greatest extent. Therefore, LED bulbs are the highest quality and most adequate source of artificial light for all environments, whether for private or business settings.

We must emphasize that ZenQ is a focused application of Human Centric Lighting principles. That means that all products contain the most up-to-date lighting knowledge, including an automatic mode for monitoring the shift of day and night and adapting artificial lighting to current needs. This type of lighting can easily be controlled remotely using apps on mobile devices.

To improve the quality of sleep, for a person who spends a lot of time in conditions of artificial lighting, it is recommended to spend at least two hours in the morning outside in natural light.

It should know that the disorder occurs due to specific reasons - never without it. That entails the advice that if you have problems with sleep for an extended period, you must consult a doctor. It is very likely that the lighting of the space where you are staying is not as it should be.

This condition is quickly resolved and returned to normal. All you have to do is choose one of the highest-quality ZenQ lamps. If that doesn't help, the only solution is medication and adequate therapy.

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