How to decorate with vases - decorating tips

There is hardly any interior without decorative details. Everyone tries to decorate the space in which they live with an artistic painting or photograph, perhaps with figurines, vases, or any other decorative item. All this will make the area much more pleasant. But have you thought about decorating your space yourself? For example, you may make decorating with vases.

Handmade items are experiencing a complete renaissance and are extremely popular. To transform a featureless room into something glamorous and perfect, you can use tutorials, courses, and similar instructions that are readily available on many platforms today. You will turn the most ordinary into something special without much guesswork and effort.

To begin with, you can start by decorating vases or the most ordinary bottles that will serve as decorative vases. We are here to help you with that.

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Choosing a vase for the style of the interior

The fact is that you can find decorative vases in almost every store today. No matter what size, shape, or pattern you want, it's all available. The logical question is - what to choose? The biggest problem arises if you need large floor vases, which require an adequate environment to fit in the best possible way. Otherwise, they can be a complete failure.

Small and round models are the ideal solution if you don't want to take risks. Once you have decorated the small vases the way you like them best, you can put decorative stones. Also, you may add dried flowers, ribbons, or anything else you can think of.

When you're done, you can place the vases practically anywhere - on a window, a dining or coffee table, a piece of furniture - anywhere. Do not forget that the decorative vase is there to beautify the space and not to have any specific function.

You can use a decorated vase to - let's say - cover up certain irregularities or defects in the space. Also, the ideal vase can change the perception of the size and spaciousness of the room. And even the vase beauty.

However, ensure that the vase's shape matches the room's style. Do not combine classical with abstract, large with small, etc. Also, consider the color of the walls and furniture, and match the design of the vase with the environment.

Importance of decoration

Now you are probably wondering how to decorate a vase. You can adapt glass vases to your taste and needs in different ways, using other materials, techniques, and complexity of production. Free your imagination and let your creativity come to the fore, even if you try to combine the incompatible. Only that gives authentic charm to the creative part of the job. If you are unsure what and how to do it, seek the advice of an expert. You may do that in person or on one of the platforms.

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What you need to know about preparation

If you have decided to decorate the vase by yourself, you should know that there are several preparation steps:

  • Get everything you need from the materials
  • If you haven't had the opportunity to do such work, prepare some illustrations, video tutorials, and the like so that it will be easier for you to complete the desired result.
  • What remains is to use all your mental abilities and create unique work - happy work!

DIY vase decoration

We will now outline some thoughts and suggestions that have proven to be popular in recent times. Of course, those related to Decorating with vases. What you need to know is that it is entirely irrelevant what material the vase is made of. The way you decorate it is crucial.

Vase Decor stickers

If you are inexperienced or a beginner, using stickers is an ideal technique to start with. You can find stickers in almost any store or bookstore, so choose what you like best. You can also find a large selection of stickers online, download and print them, or create a picture of your choice in one of the applications. Also, you can add anything you can think of to the stickers - glass beads, thread, twine, or whatever comes to your mind.

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Filling the vase

We can say that this technique represents one of the simplest, so to speak, basic techniques for decorating vases. The process is simple and consists of filling with any material you like. These can be stones, ribbons, fabric, glass beads, marbles, dry grass, or anything else. Only the sky is the limit. When you fill the vase, tie lace or twine on the top. And that is all.


This method, or technique, is recommended for more experienced decorators. However, try to get acrylic for painting glass surfaces when choosing paint. If you want nothing more than to paint the vase, do it on the inside. The effect will be significantly more robust, and the maintenance will be incomparably easier. Take a vase of classic forms without any decorations for such a technique. From the "tools," you need a brush, a cloth, some clean water, paint, and thinner.

First, clean the inside of the vase, dry it well, then apply a thin layer of paint in the first coat. Wait for it to dry, then repeat the process if you are not satisfied with the result. If you don't want to have brush marks on the walls of the vase, you can pour paint into it and spread the paint evenly on the walls with light circular strokes.

Clothes for clothes

Have you ever thought you could decorate a vase with an old wardrobe you no longer use? Regardless of the material's composition, color, and quality, any piece of fabric can be perfect for this purpose. Some will give the vase an elegant look, some contemporary, some extravagant, and the choice is yours. Combine, experiment, and create your little masterpiece.

Paper decoration

Paper decoration means that you cover the vase with the most ordinary or some special paper. At the top, you can apply two techniques - neat or sloppy, and the final result depends on the knot you will tie at the top, in the middle, or at the very neck of the vase.

Decorate the vase the way you like it the most because you will be the person who will spend the most time with your artistic creation. If others like it, that's OK. If not, that's OK. That's just their problem.


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Source: ZenQ Designs

Pique technique

From the name of the technique, it can also be concluded how it is applied. Apart from natural shapes, you can use geometric forms, contemporary lines, or anything you like.

If you are a beginner, we recommend a more straightforward approach - use masking tape and some paint. It can be applied with a brush or spraying if you have purchased spray paint. This kind of decoration is usually in gold, silver, white and black tones.

The dot decoration of the vase is more complex if you want to achieve "higher resolution" and use small, more delicate dots. For such a technique, get good material: acrylic paint, thinner, toothpicks, and similar "tools." Of course, clean and dry the vase well, then start decorating. The distance between the dots depends on your wishes and the motifs you want to convey on the vase.

Stained glass

What will never go out of fashion are geometric shapes. You don't need to be an expert for that - the results will always be exactly as you imagined them. But pay attention to precision, then neatness and cleanliness. Therefore, make an effort to:

  • At the start, do not process large areas at once
  • When the paint dries, protect the treated surfaces with tape
  • Then, fill in the free zones with paint
  • Finally, bake the color in the oven at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius, and this process should take 15 minutes.

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