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Bohemian way of life

To understand boho wall decorations, we need to go back to the very term "Boho", which depicts unconventional and artistic style. This term, which has its place in fashion and decoration, connects the 19th century and the area of ​​France. "Boho" comes from the word "Bohemians", which Parisians used to describe travelers from Central Europe. The French word "bohemian" actually means the term of nomadic people from Bohemia in Central Europe. The Romanis lived a free life, dressed in loose and comfortable clothes. They traveled all over Europe, where they got to know other cultures and their non-conformist and straightforward approach to life served as an inspiration to poor poets and artists to mark the bohemian way of life. In this way, we got bohemians, people who rejected traditional rules and who advocated a completely different lifestyle.


French revolutionaries adapted the name of the style to a sense of individualism, and created the so-called "Bohemians", a style reflected in harmony, whereas the achievement of harmony is due to details that make us relaxed, such as comfortable pieces of furniture, combining styles from different eras or cultures, or combining old and new, etc. Sisters Vanessa Bell, a painter, and interior designer, and Virginia Woolf, a writer, are considered to be the modern pioneers of this style at the beginning of the 20th century.

A blue sofa in the boho interior - zenq designs


Boho style in the interior

Boho design is the opposite of minimal, modern and elegant because the goal is to mix and combine various decorative materials in a Boho-designed room. Natural materials should have a slightly worn look. Tassels, crocheted details, and macrame abound in boho rooms or as boho wall decorations. Pillows and rugs are combined to make it as comfortable as possible. When it comes to pillows, bold colors, textures such as faux fur or velvet pillows are chosen, and embroidered pillows with metal threads or floral motifs are also desirable.

Canopies over beds and living rooms are recognizable decorations of Boho design. Boho wall decorations allow the walls to be covered with different tapestries, while the carpets are inspired by motifs from other countries, with different colors and styles. Ethnic fabrics bring an exotic ambiance. Mandalas and patchwork are also often used, which can be placed on a bed or couch or serve as curtains. A boho room inspired by different fabrics seems mystical but also romantic. Full of variety, it brings optimism and authenticity. In short, the boho style is:

  • relaxed and comfortable
  • emphasizes color
  • provides ambient warmth
  • implies natural materials

Boho style colors

This style's main features are vivid colors and earthy tones such as brown, light burgundy, and olive green. Many tones and shades are desirable, as long as the room gives a pleasant feeling. Unlike this style, boho chic is a style that treats combinations a little more boldly, and modern elements, as well as strong colors, fit into it. Boho-style wall colors and the boho wall decorations themselves should leave a striking look. In fact, the perfect bohemian interior combines different warm colors because, in this style, there is no room for white and long cool colors. For boho-style rooms, patterns and ornamental design are always welcome, and the perfect colors for carpets are blue, orange, and purple.

Decorative details in boho style

The most common decorative details of the boho style are pillows that decorate armchairs and sofas because the boho style should invite you to enjoy. Such soft pieces are usually decorated with oriental motifs associated with distant places and distant cultures. Also desirable are rugs with the same motifs, decorative bedding, covers for seating furniture, curtains instead of doors, boho wall decorations such as handmade items or travel items. With boho style, you can always choose a personal work of art, making the space more intimate. Carpets or rugs further enrich the interior. The look of the windows will make the curtains of layered materials luxurious, which phenomenally emphasizes the boho style in the interior.


A combination of red and blue on luxurious boho curtains

In the boho style, the rule is that the furniture, decorative details, and textiles should be made of natural materials

Typical boho room choices are rattan chairs, fringed pillows, cotton or linen blankets, Berber style rugs, rattan baskets, macrame wall decorations, dream catcher, fringed curtains, wicker or bamboo pots, wooden flower stands, wicker baskets. A map or an object related to mystical travels can be placed on the wall as boho wall decorations.

Boho style furniture

As for the boho style furniture, some of the pieces can belong to the vintage style, which gave the boho style a retro look. The interior with Boho decorations can be decorated with various chests of drawers, cupboards, tables, shelves… and this type of furniture is usually not bought in a store, but pieces of used or old furniture. Each piece of furniture should be unique and have its own story. Relaxation is essential, so today, not only are rooms transformed into boho style but even mobile vehicles!


Planters and pots

The boho interior cannot be imagined without a multitude of plants that can be miniature or stretch like creepers around shelves or along walls. We suggest you take a look at the offer from, where there are both abstract vases and various sets for keeping plants.

Boho wall decorations

Boho wall decorations are a real magic scene for the wall. Decorative plates, photographs, various hanging details, paintings, works of art, metal and glass details, mirrors... All these are desirable elements of decoration that take us to distant lands and different cultures. We will single out the details that are most often seen on the walls:


The Spanish word macramé and the Arabic word "migramah" means "decorative tassels" or "embroidered veil". What distinguishes this technique of tying knots is that there is no way to make identical knots mechanically, and this technique is one of the few techniques that are realized exclusively by hand.

Macrame "thread"

Macrame "thread" is wool and various other yarns, cotton ropes, ribbons, jute rope, or synthetic material in different sizes and colors.

A macrame holder

A macrame holder is something on which knots are tied: rods, branches, hoops. The initial ropes are connected to that holder, frame, or loom, and then knots are tied on them.

Macrame knots

Macrame knots are made by tying one working thread around one or more so-called 'Basic threads'. When finished, the ends are tightened once more and cut to about 2-3 mm in length and then melted with a lighter.


A white macrame on a gray wall

Source: freepik

Swings and hammocks

The absolute hit when it comes to knitting are hammocks used for rocking and fun. Fringes that fall and braided knots, single-colored or in colors, are a necessary detail in summer gardens and on terraces, and we can see them more and more often in the interior. In addition to swings as boho wall decorations, a hanging broidery can also be used for flower pots that hang either on the wall or ceiling.

A hanging macrame knitting for flower pots


Soft Tapestries for Boho Style

Tapestries or woven paintings depict various landscapes, historical scenes, or motifs. The first tapestries appeared in ancient Egypt, and the most luxurious were the French tapestries, which were considered not only a wall decoration but a real work of art. Over time, tapestries began to be used around the world and adorned the walls of medieval castles, while today, they are a real inspiration for boho wall decorations.

Colorful Boho Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers come from a tribe of American Indians. The original Indian dream catcher was made of willow twigs and was braided with rope or leather and decorated with feathers, and its goal was to save the one who sleeps from nightmares and to miss only beautiful dreams. The circle symbolizes the sun's daily movement, while feathers symbolize life. It was believed that the owl's feather was a woman's feather, which represented wisdom, and the eagle's feather, like a man's feather, represented courage. Modern dreamcatchers have become unique details of boho wall decorations. Today, the net is colorful, making the circles a striking point on the wall, while various feathers, crystals, shells, beads, etc., are used for decoration.

An orange dreamcatcher with black and green details


Boho Style Mirrors Framed with Natural Materials 

Mirrors are also used as boho wall decorations. They reflect light into space and magnify smaller spaces visually, so large mirrors are an excellent choice for opening such areas. In the boho style, the mirrors are framed with wood or rattan, with details of macra embroidery or ornamental motifs.

Ambient Lighting as the Most Favorite Boho Detail

In Boho style lighting, light bulbs can often be seen on the walls as boho wall decorations. Light bulbs are often intertwined over tapestries or hanging flowers, giving the space a Moroccan charm. Wicker chandeliers and decorative candlesticks can also be added to create a real room oasis. Ambient, dim light creates a romantic atmosphere, and instead of intense lighting, it is desirable to complete the space with dim lanterns, candles, and various lamps.

A dim ambient light in boho style


Cheerful and Fluttery Tassels

Tassels are certainly a feature of boho interiors. They can be found on carpets, bedspreads, pillowcases, tapestries, curtains. How you can make one of the boho wall decorations with tassels, you can read here.

Tassels on the wall and on a wicker bag
Source: freepik

Stylized Boho Wall Baskets

Another of the boho wall decorations is the collection of baskets grouped on the wall. The baskets are made of natural material in various colors, patterns, and sizes. The white wall with wall baskets decor will look exciting and unusual. You can see one of the suggestions on how to place wall baskets on the website


Colorful wicker baskets on the wall


The most desirable boho materials

As we have already mentioned, boho wall decorations must be made of natural materials, delicate fabrics, and recognizable prints. Of all the materials, there are a few that are most present and characterize the boho ambiance:


Rattan is undoubtedly one of the favorite materials for use in the boho style. Due to its good properties, rattan is used for making furniture and decor, from rattan headboards to armchairs and various lamps and baskets. Some of the characteristics that make rattan an excellent interior material are:

  • Lightness and durability
  • It bends without breaking and retains its shape
  • The material is sustainable

It is about quality furniture that does not lose its strength over time.

A wicker rattan armchair



Natural wood details fit stylishly into the boho space. A coffee table made of natural wood is desirable in the living room. The sofa or bed should have wooden details or a backrest, and boho pillows and textiles on such beds bring unique warmth to the space. Teak is also a trendy wood in the boho style due to its elegance and durability.

A wooden back of the bed and a macrame on a wooden stick above the bed


Raffia is one of the most common materials used to make boho furniture and boho wall decorations. It is a durable material grown in Africa, Asia, and Central America, and it paints well and does not lose color. Natural organic textures and colors are currently in trend, and raffia is helping to transfer that trend to the interior.

Vintage textiles

Vintage textiles are indispensable in the boho style. Various rugs with a specific vintage moment will make them come alive because they stand out in all colors. We can see yellow, orange, pink, lilac, or blue shades in boho textiles. The textile must be full of detail, texture, and color.


Leather is an excellent material for an urban boho look. It combines nicely with pillows with tassels and sequins.


Jute is often woven into carpets, furniture, rugs, and bags and in boho wall decorations.

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