Magical Candle Holders For A Fireplace

The role of the fireplace in a modern home

Candle holders for a fireplace are magical decorative elements that take us away from everyday life for a moment and bring peace and tranquility to the home. And while fireplaces have always had the role of heating the space with original natural heat, today, in addition to heating, they have a tremendous aesthetic role in furnishing the interior. Fireplaces become works of art with many variations of materials, shapes, and dimensions.

Today's fireplaces meet the needs of the modern age and a multitude of styles, such as minimalist, boho, Scandinavian, industrial, and the like. When we welcome winter and cold weather, the first association with the comfort of home is a cup of tea and a fire crackling from the fireplace, and perhaps the most influential role is played by the fact that it gathers family members. The fireplace creates comfort in the home, and besides, each fireplace leaves a luxurious impression, so it is more than desirable in any modern interior. The popularity of the fireplace is imperishable because it is associated with family gatherings, holidays, relaxation, and rest time. Of course, decorations with a similar purpose, such as candle holders, are ideally combined with the fireplace. Especially today, the  candle fire is a necessary detail in the interior because the candles of newer generations are a real treasure trove of scents, colors, and shapes.

Today, there are different types of fireplaces such as wood-burning,  electric, pellet, and gas fireplace, while the firebox itself can be open type (without glass) and closed type (with glass). Fireplaces that imitate the hearth, in other words, fireplaces that are mounted in a central place in the room are also increasingly in demand. There are also models of decorative fireplaces that do not have a heating function but only serve as an imitation of fire, which corresponds to the urban way of life. Such fireplaces do not require a chimney. They are portable, the control is remote, you can choose the color and intensity of the fire, and there is a possibility to turn off the heating, so it only serves as a decorative fireplace.

A fireplace in the marble wall - ZenQ Designs


Marble fireplaces

When choosing the material for a fireplace, natural stone is the most elegant, durable, and most efficient. It can improve the efficiency of your home because the heat of the fire warms the space, and it absorbs and stores heat.

Marble fireplaces are perfect for heat absorption, and granite is particularly good for conducting heat. If you opt for some of the natural stones, the additional advantage is easy maintenance. You can install the fireplace on the part of the wall, at the foot of the stairs, or over the entire wall in the room.

Candles as the most favored notion of romance

You will admit that nothing can replace the romantic atmosphere next to the crackling fire, but candle holders for a fireplace enhance the pleasant experience and moments of relaxation. Also, candle holders for a fireplace with the right fragrance can improve exercise results during yoga and meditation. The appropriate scent of candles reminds us that it is time to think about yoga and exercise, even if you perform these relaxation techniques on the living room floor.

A candlestick with a series of reflective flames - ZenQ Designs


Candles help us maintain focus and their flame calms us after a hard day. Moreover, the candles allow us to set the boundaries between business and private life because the secret is precisely in the power of fragrance. Certain scents can affect our mood and help us remember better. Chocolate odors will improve even the worst mood, while candles with the aroma of citrus fruits will start the energy.

Candlesticks as date keepers

Just as it is essential to create a suitable environment for work, it is even more vital to create an environment for leisure activities and romantic moments. A candle holder for a fireplace is a solution to encourage inspiration and productivity while we are in the comfort of your home.  What possibilities to use a candle holder are, and at the same time engrave an important date on it you can see at In this way, beside their decorative role, candlesticks also have a symbolic meaning as guardians of the most important dates.

Other decorative fireplace details

With decorative candlesticks, you can beautifully complement the fireplace with many little things that will reflect the candle's flickering light. Different shapes, sizes, and colors of candle holders for a fireplace will fit perfectly with:

Abstract figurines

Especially when it comes to the New Year holidays, anyone who has a fireplace can decorate it with a beautiful abstract deer design with golden horns.

Small ceramic pots

These pots are suitable for placing on the fireplace head and beautifying the part above it, mainly because they are designed in the always inspiring shape of a small elephant.

Black and white statues

Only one animal king, a mighty lion, can bring a symbol of importance into the fireplace area, and when they are in pairs, lions are a true source of strength and beauty.

Abstract ceramic vases

If you have the opportunity, you can choose to fill the space above the fireplace with one of our abstract vases, which are utterly unique in design. And flowers in vases are always welcome.

Abstract wall statue

Above the fireplace, a 3D color sculpture with a deer motif can fit perfectly, which will bring joy and association to snow and winter magic, especially during the Christmas holidays.

The Buddha figurine

On the other hand, if you prefer to relax with the symbols of the eastern tradition, we always suggest current Buddha figurines that bring peace to the home.

Creating an ambiance with positive energy

Candle holders for a fireplace help you relax and calm your mind and body

There are many ideas for candlesticks. Before you decide to buy candle holders for a fireplace, try to be creative and make your candlestick that you can later easily fit in with another surface in the home. The available material for the work can be wood and logs that go into the fireplace, which you will carve so as to put candles in them. If you prefer clay, we give you an idea of ​​how to make your own clay candle holders for a fireplace. You can also play with cement, and you can find inspiration for unique candlesticks at Another creative idea are neon candlesticks that can bring a completely unusual experience into the area around the fireplace. Let's not forget Valentine's Day of course! Everyone enjoys attention, so mark special dates along with candlesticks by the fireplace to celebrate important events or holidays. We have also found some candle holders ideas for these romantic occasions. You can see what they look like here.

Fireplaces without practical function

Although one of the first associations to the fireplace is most likely the Christmas season with red and green stockings hanging from the fireplace and fire that is crackling and giving the room a warm reddish color, the fireplace creates a cheerful ambiance no matter if it is the Christmas season. Nowadays, decorative or so-called fake fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. Although they have no practical value, their value lies in the emotions they evoke. They remind us of comfort and warmth. Moreover, you can make them in combination with candle holders for a fireplace, whereby you create a cheerful atmosphere regardless of the season.

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Types of candle holders

Candle holders for a fireplace are a great way to create a romantic mood, while candles will create a calm and soothing atmosphere.

We all know that candles were used in the past as the primary source of light, while today, they are favorite decorative accessories. Over time, candles gained far more functional stands, making them easier to hold, whereas their shape got a divine look. Candles placed on candle holders for a fireplace can enhance and illuminate the space. In a word, they give a positive note to the living room or bedroom.

  Placing candles in the appropriate candle holder for a fireplace gives the candles support and keeps them in place

When we talk about candle holders for a fireplace, their justification primarily comes from the fact that candles are pretty dangerous, especially if they burn without supervision, so candle holders for a fireplace support candles.

Candles in glass vases - ZenQ Designs



Some candle holders for a fireplace have a small or thin base, while others have a wide bottom. The choice is definitely up to you. Glass candle holders give the candles support to help them stand upright and give them an aesthetic appeal. At the same time, the light of the flame can be reflected on the glass.

The need for candle holders arose at the time when people realized that candles could cause a fire. Accordingly, the primary function of the candle holder is to provide a safe and secure base for the candles to avoid any accidents.

Apart from glass support, today, candles have a base on metal candle holders. The only necessity is to place the candlesticks on a flat surface to ensure the safety of all of them.

A modern candlestick with a branched metal design around candles - ZenQ Designs

Hot wax can cause burns on the skin, but it can also stain tables or areas in the fireplace or around it. Metal candle holders can be used to accumulate wax dripping from a lighted candle while not allowing the wax to spill. There is no doubt that lighting the candles at your event or party is vital to creating a bright and radiant atmosphere. The use of candle holders is equally important for improving entertainment or home decor.

Candle holders for a fireplace should prevent hot wax from spilling and making a mess

The metal set of candle holders for a fireplace allows you to group several candles in one place to create a striking and dazzling ambiance. Such candlesticks give an extravagant impression. Using candles with different candlesticks helps illuminate the space around and above the fireplace, providing a stunning effect.

A set of crescent-shaped candlesticks - ZenQ Designs



Either metal or elegant glass candle holders, you have the freedom to choose the right ones that complement your decorations. A candle holder for a fireplace is the best choice for beautifying a living room that instantly sends a message of relaxation and peace.

When it comes to wooden candle holders for a fireplace, they will perfectly fit with a rustic living room. Candle holders are not limited only to making the candle stand upright, but we can also use them to create striking light effects. The flickering candle light fills the space with a warm and subtle glow, and most importantly, we can make unique candle holders for a fireplace from wooden slats or logs.

 An improvised wooden candlestick - ZenQ Designs


Allow yourself a little rest and enjoyment with your loved ones. Stop with duties and everyday life. Bring the charms of nature into your home and light the scented candles on one of the candle holders for a fireplace. Even if you do not have a fireplace, you can always decide to decorate your home at least with candle holders because all we need today is peace and quiet, and this kind of sparkling lighting is the most effective solution.

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