Modern optical solutions in lighting and their potential

We are witnessing rapid technological changes that do not bypass any industry. Requirements are becoming more and more complex, and expectations are becoming higher. By developing LED sources of small dimensions, lighting manufacturers introduce significant innovations, both in technology and in the design of the lamps. The design and production of lights of significantly smaller sizes allow for meeting the requirements of different spaces. In this way, such lighting effects are achieved that we could not reach before, with complete visual comfort and energy savings.

The tradition of the ZenQ company is that its employees love challenges because they believe that with each new solved problem, applied technology, or manufactured lamp, they become better and more ready for new top results. Our employees continually strive to be on the same level as the most excellent experts in various fields to meet every client request.

What we are particularly proud of is micro-optics. Therefore, we want to introduce you to the magical world of micro-optics in room lighting!

We believe this content will be interesting for everyone who wants to redecorate their home but also especially useful for architects and designers dealing with lighting issues. Our mission is to support our associates and partners in designing high-quality, functional spaces without light pollution.

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LFO optics

Lens Focal Optics is a type of optics in which the lens, with its complex surfaces, collects light rays from the source and intersects them at one point. The point of intersection is a perforation on the lamp itself. This way, a focused emission of light is ensured through the perforation while the light source remains invisible. The impression is that there is no light source, but only the result is visible. This solution provides a light effect without glare and is visually attractive in any interior.

Application of LFO optics

In this example, we can see that by multiplying the optics in a matrix arrangement, we get an evenly lit space, and the light source is visually unobtrusive and does not burden the area.

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MD optics

Micro Downlight optics consist of complex surfaces that precisely direct light rays. A clearly defined light beam (cut-off) enables precise lighting of the desired consistency without unnecessary light scattering. With the cooperation of our research team and our partners, the original MD optics with spiral facets appeared on the market. The optics are small and define light beams at angles of 35, 55, and 75 degrees.

Application of MD optics

Conference halls are an excellent example for choosing this type of lighting, where you can see the localized lighting achieved from line-multiplied optics of this type. The light is focused on the working area of the table, which makes it stand out and stand out in terms of importance.

In addition to the linear one, there is also a matrix multiplication of these optics. In the framework of lamps with a larger area, their proper arrangement ensures the workspace's uniform general or zonal lighting.

Using individual optics in lighting design has its advantages, and it makes it possible to achieve accent lighting for parts of the interior that we want to emphasize. With different intensities and widths of light beams, it is possible to respond to additional architectural requirements of the function and shape of the space and the desired effect.

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WW optics

Complex micro-faceted surfaces characterize Wall Washer optics. This optic provides vertical light distribution so that the wall's surface, from floor to ceiling, is evenly illuminated.

Application of WW optics

By using a smaller number of individual optics, attractive accent lighting is achieved evenly over the entire height of the wall.

Long lines of lamps with WW optics give the full effect of large areas bathed in light.

Depending on the position of the lamps in the interiors, they can illuminate either vertical or horizontal surfaces. An excellent effect can be achieved using lamps with WW optics, decorating the ceiling with delicate diffused light.

The artwork of historical eras can be displayed in full glory; an ideal example is the paintings on the wall.


Application of all optics and their combinations in different lamps

By combining lamps with different micro-optics, the lighting of modern spaces takes on an entirely new dimension, both in terms of design and in the quality of light achieved. The visual experience of the area is refined, and the light comes to the fore, while the lamp itself does not dominate its form.

Lights in a modern building - ZenQ Designs



Light control

All lamps that use modern optics can be controlled remotely. This feature allows flexibility to be introduced into the designed space and changes the atmosphere.

Light movements can be precisely controlled, just as it corresponds to the applied architecture and the materials used to equip and build the space.

We are here for all kinds of consultations and recommendations for everyone interested in the most modern lighting available on the market.

The modern trend of technique and technology development hints at the direction in which this "detail" is moving. But, no one pays too much attention. Lighting was practically at the same level for many years - nothing concrete changed, nor did anyone think about upgrading.

Until a few years ago, when people realized that significant changes in the sphere of lighting could achieve a lot more, we may acquire that electricity consumption is essentially saved, and the influence of light on people's health and mood is not negligible.

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