Sofa pillows decorating ideas and tips

If you want to refresh the room and effectively, add pillows! Adding pillows to your interior design is the simplest and easiest way to give a room a new look.

Colorful pillows, bathed in flowers and colorful prints, are ideal for monochromatic sofas and armchairs. The ambiance will be much more exciting and beautiful with just a few pillows in bright colors. You can coordinate the pillows in your room with the colors of the curtains, the color of the carpet, or decorative details.

Today, the choice of decorative pillows is enormous. You can choose small or large pillows of different shapes, depending on the style you cherish in your home. Any sofa or bed looks much more beautiful and decadent with decorative pillows. Instead of a bunch of small ones, you can opt for a few large pillows that look much more modern.

Cheerful patterns are perfect for youthful rooms, while geometric motifs can be used in your living room. In addition to colors, don't forget about texture. If your environment is monochromatic, monochromatic pillows with exciting textures are the right solution.

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Changing the pillow

An economical and easy interior change is to restore the sofa cushions. A monotonous color in the shade of the sofa can become dull over time. Searching stores or websites will help you find pillows or pillow cases that match your couch. Give preference to light colors and shades in harmony with your sofa. You can also "play" with the size of the pillow. But that is not all: you may also play with the quality of the fabric (antelope, linen, cotton, even fur).


How to place decorative pillows?

Placing decorative pillows can achieve a completely new look in the living room or bedroom. Placing pillows on the bed with no particular order gives a personal touch to the entire space, making it attractive and different. The more pads, the better. With decorative pillows, you achieve the effect of warmth and a cheerful note in the environment. Without decorative pillows, any set, sofa, or double bed would look empty and monotonous. The easiest option is that if you have even a little sense and knowledge, you can sew pillows and attractive pillowcases yourself.

Decorative pillows are one of the essential elements for refreshing and decorating the space. You can use them to refresh your home inexpensively.

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Decorative pillows add warmth to the home

Decorative pillows are a must-have detail on a sofa or corner sofa in every living room and a double bed in the bedroom. They not only serve as a headrest when lying down, but you can also place them behind your back for a more regular and comfortable sitting. Or you may sit on the floor watching TV or playing with the little ones. Their role is significant in every home. They are also suitable for placing on corner sofas and deckchairs for enjoying summer days on the terrace or in the yard.


The position of the pillow on the bed

When you start shopping for pillows, first of all, think about the bed dimensions they will be placed in because the bed and decorative pillows should be in proportion.

There are no rules for arranging decorative pillows on the bed, and there are only tips you may or may not follow. You can place the pads symmetrically, asymmetrically, or freely scattered on the bed. When placing decorative pillows of different dimensions, the rule is to start with the larger ones and arrange smaller and smaller ones.

With corner sofas of larger dimensions, you can place many cushions of different sizes without losing the seating area. For more petite sofas and beds, do not place too many pillows, as this wastes the seating area.

In those cases, place two pillows in the left and right corners of the bed. Then,  one pair of larger dimensions in one shade, while the other pair can be of an interesting pattern in a bright color and smaller in size than the previous pair placed behind them. Pillows like this add warmth to a sofa, sofa, or couch and come in handy for a short afternoon nap.

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With traditional furniture design, decorative pillows are arranged in the form of clusters and even numbers with fewer decorative elements per se, mostly in pastel colors. Contemporary decorated spaces require simple and clean lines of design, so place more oversized cushions in pastel colors with a simple design. You can arrange them next to each other with little or no space between them, and they don't have to be paired. You can also place one more giant pillow in one corner of the set, the color opposite the set's color.

In addition to decorative pillows, you do not need a unique decoration in the space, so you can focus on these details when decorating the living room.


Decorative pillows, in combination with other decorative elements

Decorative pillows fit together with monochrome furniture, whether modern or traditional, taking care that the design of both elements provides. We advise you not to combine colorful decorative pillows with bright furniture fabric.

If you have a set made of colorful furniture fabric, choose decorative pillows in one color, it can be a contrasting or similar shade.

Combining the pillow's pattern with a detail at the other end of the room is interesting. Let's say that the pad and the part of the wall where the photo wallpaper is in the same pattern or color. Those two connected elements will look beautiful in space.

Or maybe you can fit a patterned pillow on the coffee tablecloth in the living room. It is interesting to connect the pads and the carpet color because everything else in the space is of a similar shade. For example, a beige sofa, a light floor, and light shades of the wall can be combined with pillows and a small carpet under the club table in a bright color with exciting patterns.

You can connect the curtain and pillows in similar shades, thus achieving symmetry in the space pleasing to the eye of the beholder. Interiors of neutral colors are perfect for placing colorful cushions in bright colors with accented patterns.

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Pillow materials and shapes

The choice of material for decorative pillows depends on the environment in which they will be found and their purpose.

You can combine materials and colors following the style of the furniture. On the edges, you can place cushions with sequins, lace, fur, wool, crystals, and fringes. You can use satin, silk, cotton, or linen. It depends on your imagination and style of decorating the room.

For the living room, choose natural materials such as fabrics, cotton, and wool to remove the pillowcases for faster and easier maintenance. If you have children or a pet, you must wash pillows and pillowcases more often.

The filling of decorative pillows depends on your financial capabilities and needs. If you have an allergy, choose an anti-allergic memory foam filling. In all other cases, you can select either a sponge or natural feathers.

Decorative pillows are made in square, round, triangular and rectangular shapes. However, you can also find interesting themed shapes like cute farm animals, sun, stars, clouds, and the like. Such pillows are ideal for children's rooms.

Round pillows give the space a softer and warmer look, while rectangular pillows are more practical and are used more.

TIP: We suggest you buy or sew pillows in 3 dimensions. That way, you may combine them and fit pillowcases of different designs and colors in several combinations. You can change them depending on your mood, occasion, or season.

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