Table lamp size guide - all you need to know

Sumptuous and elegant, contemporary and modern, stone lamps once again occupy an enviable place among lighting and enjoy a new glory.

We know it's pretty disarming to walk into a lighting sale. Too many options, indecision, and price play a significant role in telling yourself you need a little more time to decide.

The same is true when you surf the net and look for the ideal lamp. It is enough to see the great variety of lights we offer. You will soon realize that defining your requirements will speed up the process and give you the peace of mind that the investment you make at this stage will save you time.

Do you have a rustically furnished home and want to know which lamp matches the style of your home's era? Or maybe you have a modern home and want to add a contemporary-style table lamp that takes your breath away? Perhaps you are going in a completely different, modern-rustic direction and want to bring a part of nature into your home, but you don't know how.

The starting point in your search for the perfect table lamp should always be choosing the right size for the dimensions of your room. This task can be relatively simple if you place the table lamp in the center of the room.

Maybe you're looking for something specific: smaller lamps, lamps to position in the middle of the living room or next to the coffee table? Maybe next to the bed in the bedroom? We're here to make your search for the perfect table lamp easier.

Modern luxury dining room with table lamp - ZenQ Designs



A table lamp tailored to your room

It doesn't matter what kind of table lamp you plan for your room because it depends on the room's surface and what type of lamp you choose. Measure the area of the room and use the guide for a quick calculation.

Each room's area is different. That depends on what the space is intended for - whether in a residential building, public building, or a house. Even in the same apartment, not one of them is the same. Of course, please do not rely on some standards because all interior decorators have their vision, so the final solutions are often quite different. Ultimately, everything comes down to a compromise between your wishes and the situation "on the ground."


At what height should the table lamp be?

Nothing makes a grand impression better than a great table lamp in your room. Whether you have opted for a traditional style or a contemporary LED light, the question always arises as to what size the table lamp should be.

This question applies to lamps you plan to use in the living room, study or bedroom. Large decorative table lamps are often used to highlight (large) rooms.

Of course, we should pay great attention to ensuring that the size of the table lamp is appropriate so that it does not create a problem on the table or shelf itself. As much as you want your family and guests to admire the luxurious lamp, there is no reason to place it so that it becomes the central part of the table setting.

Take the time to sit at the table and make sure the light is adequate for the table surface. It should not occupy more than 10% of the table surface. It is often better to use two smaller table lamps than one that dominates. The significant volume is excellent for adding impact but don't overdo it.

Modern style living room with table lamp - ZenQ Designs


Placing table lamps with dimmable bulbs

This option allows changing the atmosphere of the environment. In addition, using the dimmable option makes it easier for you to work at your desk, read, write, work at the computer, or anything else.

Moreover, suppose you use the table lamp in the bedroom. In that case, this option allows you to adjust the light's intensity so that it is comfortable for you without disturbing your partner. So, take care of the technical specifications and the table lamp size guide.


How often should you clean a table lamp?

Keeping the lighting clean and fresh should be (at least!) a yearly job. Cleaning lighting is often neglected, especially table lamps, as they look fragile and delicate and therefore susceptible to damage.

It's usually just a lack of knowledge. Maintaining table lamps is not as complicated as it seems. You will need to take care and use the proper cleaning materials, but with a bit of care, your light will be as bright and impressive to your guests as when it was new.

Luxury authentic dining room with table lamp - ZenQ Designs


How to clean table lamps?

That is a detail that many consider - unimportant. However, you should follow specific guidelines and rules. First for personal safety and then to protect the table lamp from damage. 

If you want to be sure of what you are doing and the quality of the work done, we recommend following a few simple steps:

  • turn off the power at the switch and pull the cable out of the outlet
  • replace any bulbs that have burned out. We advise replacing them with LED bulbs because they last longer and have meager energy consumption. Lightly clean the glass of any bulbs that did not require replacement
  • and use a soldering iron to remove cobwebs and dust. There is no need to use water on your light fixtures. Most metal fittings are varnished, and moisture can damage the fittings.
  • Table lamps decorated with crystal drops require a little more attention. It can be difficult to remove each crystal one by one (the main reason table lamp cleaning is neglected!). Our top tip is to use a crystal cleaner spray – and then follow the instructions on the package carefully! We do not recommend homemade versions of the products because they are often made incorrectly, resulting in limescale and droplets remaining on the crystals. Also, cleaning the crystals with brushes is unnecessary because they are easily scratched. It is enough to use soft sponges and cloths



It could be an interior decorator or a salesperson in a lighting store. If you purchase online, you can contact technical support and ask them for advice.

Of course, it is necessary to provide all of them with some basic information related to the size of the room, the intended purpose of the table lamp, and the like. Follow the table lamp size guide, and you won't go wrong!

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