Timeless floor lamps with crystals

The magical world of crystals

To better understand the notion of floor lamps with crystals, we must return to the beginning of an exciting story because the presence of natural crystals on our planet is perhaps billions of years old. All the way from the original formation of the planet Earth up until today, crystals transmit their energy vibrations through the prism of the most beautiful colors of precious and semi-precious stones. In addition to being visually appealing, crystals have always had a healing effect. They have always fascinated us with their exceptional purity and unrealistically beautiful colors.

Such fragments of divine creation can be found in forms that only nature could sculpt, and if we bring them into the home, we will get closer to the creative spirit of our beautiful planet.

Crystals can accumulate energies that affect us and our environment positively. Their ability to collect light and radiate it into their environment means that, by their natural structure, they are petrified and pure light in a particular form. They should always be well lit, either by daylight or artificial light, because that is the only way to spread their beneficial effect.

The specific structure of minerals consists of different types of atoms and creates their perfect connection with light. Electrons in minerals are the most essential parts that are able to react to light in such a way that they absorb light of specific energy, transcending into a state of increased energy, or emit the light that they have absorbed while lowering their energy.

A crystal glowing bluish hues I ZenQ Designs

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Many healing and magical properties have always been attributed to crystals, so the choice of crystals is said to be a subconscious reaction of the area of a disturbed balance. In addition to beautiful colors, various shapes, and divine brilliance, crystals have a structure that allows them to be excellent conductors of heat, magnetic, and electrical energy. Moreover, natural crystals affect life energy by bringing vibrancy or serenity to a location. Also, they transform harmful and introduce beneficial vibrations to the environment. At the same time, due to their strong vibrations, the size and number of crystals should be adjusted to the size of the space.

Natural crystals in space


As we have said, crystals bring light into the living space and radiate specific energy frequencies, depending on their shape, color, and size. According to feng shui, a particular crystal corresponds to each part of a house.

Transparent or milky white crystals emit a white light that contains all colors. They perfectly absorb the sun rays and are placed next to the window and transmit a universal vibration. Transparent quartz removes energy blockages in the body and transforms harmful waves in space into the positive ones. The rock crystal in esotericism represents all four elements: earth, water, fire, air.


Natural hand-excavated crystals can serve as an endless inspiration for home decoration, so everyone can get a chance to play around creating their crystal lamp! Just check out the image below.

Decorative logs with tiny crystals illuminated by LEDs I ZenQ Designs


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Crystals and glass as an element of lighting

Now that we know about the wide range of benefits of crystals, their refracting brilliance and the balance of all elements that they bring into the space around us, we can't help but wonder if that means that floor lamps with crystals are decorated with natural crystals? Let's start from the fact that the market and demand for natural crystals are conditioned by their popularity and how inspiring they are for designers. Of course, floor lamps with crystals require a good combination of all elements, making them safe and stable. In this sense, natural crystals are great for small table lamps often made from a single piece of natural crystal, as we see in the following image.



Fluorite lamp in rainbow colors I ZenQ Designs

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Such lamps best show the light power of crystals and often look like some imaginary detail in a space that has a hypnotic effect. The production of a floor lamp with crystals depends on the shape and size of the piece available for processing, and their prices can be dizzying.

A tall floor Onix crystal lamp with stripes I ZenQ Designs


Of course, the floor lamp with crystals also has alternative production methods, especially when it comes to glittery parts. To better understand what we are talking about, let's look at the connection: crystal - glass. Everything with a refractive index above 1.5 is crystal, while everything below is glass.

The refractive index determines how capable a material is of transmitting light or reflecting it. In fact, the crystal produced is a subcategory of glass, made in the same way as glass, but with different materials. Therefore, we can say that all crystals are glass, but not all glass is crystal. Except for lamps, glass, as a material, is always interesting for glass lighting.

Crystal and glass are made of the same elements - silicon dioxide

The crystal is glass in which lead oxide and other compounds are most often added and thanks to a chemical reaction they achieve a shiny glow. It’s worth mentioning that the high-gloss crystal is affected mainly by lead oxide, which increases its refractive index. The glass cutting machines influence further gloss because each cut affects the high refractive index in the crystals. Apart from using cutting machines, crystals can be cut by hand or by pressing molten glass into a mold.

A soft crystal (lead crystal) is most often formed by adding at least 24% lead oxide for easier blowing or shaping. These crystals are shiny, easy to grind and polish. A hard crystal (optical crystal) is used to make camera and telescope lenses. Almost most optical crystal products are made from K9 crystals.

When it comes to artificial glass, flat glass production is known, with a green color (Jade glass) that comes from silicon sand. The production of crystal clear glass uses purer silicate sand, which does not contain iron ore, which makes this glass top quality, while in terms of clarity, it is compared to an optical crystal, although it isn’t.

A unique blend of crystals and lighting

Colour chart of crystals I ZenQ Designs



We will mention only some of the most popular types of crystals, from which the most beautiful examples of decorative lamps are made.

As we have already mentioned, Crystal K9 originated in China and is one of the most common crystals used to decorate luxury chandeliers. The letter "K" refers to the German word Krone, which means a crown, and the number 9 refers to 9% lead in glass. It is made of a glass borosilicate crown and uses an optical crystal that is much clearer than lead crystal or glass. It is entirely bubble-free, so it has a perfect clarity. The clarity of such a crystal is affected by the way it is produced: it is heated to extremely high temperatures and then slowly cooled. It is about 15% lighter than a lead crystal, it is more durable, and has a high light index compared to the other types of crystals.

Although K9 is probably the most popular type of crystal used to make chandeliers, everyone has heard of Austrian Swarovski crystals. Unique jewelry and decorative items have become synonymous with luxury and prestige. The production process of this top production is a secret, but what is known is that Swarovski crystals are made of quartz sand and natural minerals and contain 32% lead. The crystals are cut with the highest degree of precision, after which the Swarovski crystals are polished with special coatings for additional durability and coloration. All of this makes them more expensive than plain glass.

Elegant black floor lamp with Swarovski crystals I ZenQ Designs

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Venetian crystal has a long tradition of production. On the Venetian islands of Murano, Burano, and Lido, stylistic innovations have been nurtured for centuries, which have defined the production of the most famous decorative and artistic glass in the world. Murano glass items are produced on the island of Murano, which is part of the archipelago in the Venetian lagoon. During the Byzantine Empire, Venice was the main port and trade center in which, among other things, glassmaking was developed. Even more, some of the descendants of the former masters have continued the family tradition to this day.

A funny looking character as a Murano lamp I ZenQ Designs

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Venetian glass producers turned glassmaking into art. During the 20th century, the training of artists in glass production continued, making Murano the right place for culture and art.

If you are interested in different offers of glass objects nowadays or you want to know more about the artists behind these unique works of art, including floor lamps with crystals, you can check the following link https://www.muranoglassonline.com/.

An elegant silver floor lamp with hand-cut red crystals I ZenQ Designs

 Source: idfdesign.com


Nowadays,you can get  a lamp made completely out of glass, or the glass could be only in the bulb part and integrated with the metal base.

Geometric shapes and vivid colors

The beauty of crystals come in many colour varieties and various geometric shapes, so the combinations that you can make seem to be endless. It will depend on your personal preference, and of course on the style of your home. These numerous varieties make crystals a perfect match with some other home decorations.

Decorative items that are a perfect match for your crystals 

Being so outstanding, it might seem strange that you would combine them with anything else; they seem to be the world on their own. However, that shouldn’t stop you. Make sure to visit our Zenqdesignes website to see a beautiful selection of decorative items for further inspiration:


Authentic vases

Stylized in marble style, with beautiful geometry patterns, just like the crystals themselves, these vases will make a great addition to your crystals.

The wall lamp

These wall lamps come with a touch sensor. They are made of hexagonal tiles that change color and they definitely resemble the best light reflection properties of glass and crystal

Colourful kitchen cutlery

 in silver, rainbow, rose gold hues that capture the reflection of light are a great match with your crystal or glassware. Who says a kitchen can’t look glamorous! 

Geometric coasters

Geometric coasters are extremely complementary to crystals because they share similar geometric patterns.  

Dining sticks

 Why not give good, old chopsticks a more fab look? Try stainless steel chopsticks  in a variety of colours which would be a decoration on their own, reflecting natural light at the same time

Decorative green clock

This isn’t an ordinary green clock. Its modern and marble look would without a doubt remind you of the semi-precious stone jade. 



Crystal floor lighting in the interior

Having better understood the concept of both natural or artificial crystals and their general characteristics, we should certainly mention their wide application in interior design. For centuries, crystals have been synonyms with luxury in the interior, which has made crystal items expensive. Floor lamps with crystals are an increasing trend because they are quite affordable thanks to the K9 Crystal . You will probably agree with us that when we talk about floor lamps, they are very practical because you can put them pretty much everywhere without drilling the walls. In addition, chandeliers are beautifully complemented with the light of a floor lamp. When buying a floor lamp with crystals, one should consider the room where you’d place it and its glowing effect. Reflection is fundamental for a floor lamp with crystals.


Crystal floor lamps in the living room


Floor lamps with crystals in the living room can be a dominant detail because they are almost always made of a combination of elegant crystals that transmit reflective light. These lamps will create additional lighting in the room. Since they are movable, you can always transfer them to another place quickly. Floor lamps with crystals are undoubtedly a symbol of sophistication, so if you opt for them, you will have a top-notch piece of art in your home! Also, you can often combine modern floor lamps with crystals with floor lamps from the same collection to completely complement your favorite interior.


Floor lamps with transparent crystal cascade I ZenQ Designs

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Crystal floor lamps fit best in the corners, making the space more spacious and open. In addition to the living room, they can also decorate the hallway and the interior of elegant restaurants and hotels. We choose floor lamps with crystals because of the relaxing effect on the room, where they look almost soothing with their sparkling appearance.

Crystal floor lamps in the bedrooms

A floor lamp with the crystal base I ZenQ Designs



A floor lamp with crystals is usually placed in bedrooms near the bed or in the corner of the room with less daylight. Since it is the bedroom, the light should be pleasant and calming. Its appearance should be in harmony with the square footage of the bedroom. What it means is that for a smaller room, a smaller floor lamp with crystals is more appropriate. The lamp also shouldn’t have too many crystal details that would create a strong reflection. No matter what style of bedroom, floor lamps with discrete crystals will surely make it romantic.

The modern design of crystal lamps


There are various styles of crystal floor lamps where each style is original in its own right. Crystal floor lamps are perfect for large spaces where their elegance and aesthetic appearance will contribute to the creative play of light and shadow. Arc-shaped floor lamps with crystals are becoming increasingly popular due to the versatility of lighting and various exciting lamp types. The curved bases and the unusual bulb part are usually made in white, gray and black, for a sophisticated look.

Elegant arched floor lamp in a dark living room I ZenQ Design

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A perfect match for period furniture is a classic floor lamp that has ambient crystal ornaments. Floor lamps like these create a magical night atmosphere!

An oriental mosaic floor lamp with blue crystal glass balls I ZenQ Designs

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Crystal floor lamps fit perfectly in spaces that already have enough glass objects or are decorated with crystal details, such as mirrors, tables, flower pots. In such places, floor lamps with crystals fit best and create a fully luxurious atmosphere. 

Two luxury floor lamps with crystals next to a golden table I ZenQ Designs
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In the end, we can only add that you can bring a unique energy to your home if you enrich it with a crystal item. The light effects crystals create are an incredible harmony that could only be created by nature. These beautiful lamps that we have written about are examples of how we can connect with crystals and make our home a magical place.

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