Wonderful canvas painting ideas for living room

Walls, as we have known them for a long time, those painted or covered with wallpaper, are a long-ago outdated solution for the interior of rooms - those for living or work. No preference. A new era has arrived, new standards, new tastes, but one solution stands out among all of them - canvas painting!

At first, you may think this wall decoration is too expensive. But the reality is quite different. The base consists of a single canvas you can place with or without a frame. However, modern trends emphasize the arrangement of several independent parts of the "mosaic," which may or may not be in the realm.

Of course, you will choose what you like most, not what others might consider a good choice for your living space. Anyway, don't forget one detail - if you can, illuminate your canvas painting with a spotlight system. The effect will be unique!

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How to choose the perfect painting for the living room

You are probably familiar with the saying, or rather the question - what did the writer or painter want to express with his work? What constitutes contemporary painting today can be confusing, however beautiful it may be.

Nevertheless, the bare and faceless (white) walls make many people think about contemporary art and how it could enrich the space - living or working, whatever. You'll admit bare walls aren't inspiring.

Now, the question is what to do with them. One of the classic solutions is to place classic works of art - oil on canvas, watercolors, or maybe some graphics. However, if it is of high quality, such a solution costs a lot, so it is better to leave works of art in galleries and museums. But what is the alternative?

First, you must choose a solution for the living room. After all, it is the room where people gather and spend the most time, so it should give that room a lot of attention. For this reason, you should choose a picture that characterizes the apartment or house owner, regardless of whether we look at colors or motifs in the image itself.

After that, you should also think about how to generate positive reactions and emotions and raise the atmosphere for visitors. However, you are not the only important figure in society.

Have you ever thought that you could place a creative photo on the walls instead of an artistic picture? Of course, you can also emphasize it and give it a new dimension with adequate LED lighting.


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Color is important

Colors have always been and are extremely important everywhere. To choose the ideal combination, it is necessary to carefully study what colors are already present in the room you want to decorate. Suppose your favorite wall color matches the furniture. In that case, the primary direction is set, so all you have to do is follow the pattern and choose a shade that complements the colors in the room.

If, on the other hand, the walls are not painted according to your wishes. The primary ideas when choosing furniture were its functionality and comfort (not color). A fine selection of pictures is the perfect way to break the monotony and make the space more beautiful and pleasant.

You will try to match the colors of the walls and furniture with the pictures based on your taste. The primary advice of experts is to choose complementary colors. Now, it raises the question of what colors they can be. For example, the combination of green and red looks lovely, just like the combination of orange and blue or, perhaps, purple and yellow.

If you make such a combination, you will get a perfect balance of warm and cold colors, which contributes to a calm atmosphere and cheerful but not aggressive energy. However, personal taste is of crucial importance, so you can also apply some other combinations. However, take care not to overdo it because it can all turn into kitsch.

The most straightforward situation is if the walls in the room are white and the furniture is neutral. Then you can concentrate more on the motifs than the colors because they will blend well with the dominant white color.

When deciding on a dominant color, it would be good to know its meaning and the feelings it evokes. Think about how you would decorate the living room!

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If you thought there was a general rule for choosing colors and motifs in pictures and the technique used to create them - you are mistaken! The basic rule to follow is what you like. Each direction and each method has its advantages, and it is up to you to recognize and choose them. After all, it could be the primary direction for choosing canvas painting for the living room.

This statement should familiarize you with the way of choosing canvas painting. Do not reject any solution or offer without thinking it through. Maybe you don't like expressionism, but it would be the best solution for your space.

Moreover, some solutions can surprise you and reveal an entirely new dimension of beautiful things, an angle from which you have never seen art or interior design. Any idea can be perfect only if applied correctly, especially when the main topic is canvas painting for the living room.

To begin with, research the offer well. In the modern age, the possibilities are pretty comprehensive, and the choice of canvas painting is incomparably more decadent than before. However, try to inform yourself what is behind the basic concept. For example, you can take printed photographs - those high-resolution ones that act as if they are "alive." With them, you get depth, one of the essential details when choosing a canvas painting for the living room.

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Pictures on canvas - canvas on (in) frame

Contemporary trends in wall decoration in the living room include using canvas paintings. Such pictures, in most cases, have a frame but seem like they don't have one, and they are - invisible.

This way, the viewer's attention is directed to the canvas painting itself and not the frame, so this solution is ideal for the living room.

Here, we have presented you with a contemporary alternative to outdated posters. Therefore, carefully study the offer and choose what is best for you and your space. Of course, don't forget adequate LED lighting.

Size is important, but so is position on the wall

You should follow some important factors when deciding where to place a picture. For example, the image's width depends on the ideal place to position it to achieve the necessary symmetry.

The essential advice is - don't rush. Temporarily place the picture in several different places in the room, and only then decide on the ideal one. That is the only way to be completely satisfied with the appearance of the room and the results achieved.

The next tip is to follow the shape of the wall with a picture. Never place a comprehensive painting on narrow walls; thin is the ideal solution. On large-sized walls, photos of a large surface are best displayed. A small picture on a large wall appears smaller than it is, so you get the opposite effect. And yes, don't forget to illuminate the large image with adequate LED lighting designed for that purpose.

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An exciting way to cover a large area is to opt for several smaller pictures and place them together on the wall. They can be the same color or with the same motif, or you like how they go together. When you decide to do something like this, prepare your patience because it takes time to choose the pictures, fit them, and, most importantly, place them correctly on the wall.

Designers advise that you first put them on the floor to see how they fit, then fix them one by one on the wall. Ideally, they should form some geometric shape on the wall and not be scattered, but maybe that's the charm if you are one of those "creatively messy" people.

So, consider where you want to place the image and your budget. You'll find out along the way if you don't know everything.

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