Hottest Interior Design Trends in 2022

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Home Design Trends


You’ve probably heard this one before: “Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling”. And I really couldn’t agree more. Various interior design trends can help us create that homey feeling. Regardless of how little time we might spend at our home, it is the place we can’t wait to come back to after a long and tiring day of work. This is one of the reasons why we like sparkling up our home with all the fine details and accessories to make it a warm and cosy place. 


Although you should let your creative winds guide you when it comes to decorating your home ( it’s your home after all), it can’t harm to check what the hottest trends for the year 2022 are.


Grandmillenial Style


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Interior design styles   


One style that has definitely made a comeback and whose popularity continues to rise is a so-called “grandmillenial” style. Simply put, it’s the style that has elements that you will likely find in your grandparents’ home. It is the style that brings back all the childhood memories and nostalgia sprinkled with bits of your favourite cake your granny used to make. And of course, let’s not forget that feeling of warmth and coziness when you are tucked in on the sofa next to your granny telling you stories of magic kingdoms and dragons. Who wouldn’t like to revoke those feelings especially in uncertain times like these? There aren’t of course strict rules about what is considered to be a grandmillenial style, but if you have floral wallpapers, antique paintings and delicate china in mind, you are definitely set up for this interior style. And don’t forget all the other vintage touches. While you’re at it, add some more warmth and comfort to your home with some crocheted throws.


What defines Industrial Style?


At the complete other end of the spectrum (compared to a granny chic style) is the industrial style. This style is quite popular in modern day restaurants, cafes and clubs, but it has also found its place as a trend used in home interior design. What makes this style so popular is the combination of modern and traditional, work and home. The main elements are wood and metal, usually in neutral colours, but there is also one other common characteristic of this type of a design: high ceiling. Exposed stonework is also often present in this style. 

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Industrial Style interior design


When it comes to industrial interior design, the less is definitely more. Perhaps such a great appeal lies in the fact that this design is quite raw and simplistic, and yet, at the same time looks very powerful. It provides that one extra step outside the comfort zone, and although the word  warmth wouldn’t be the first one to cross your mind, this style can definitely be cozy. Despite the fact that this style is simplistic, there are many details in it that would definitely catch your eyes, such as interesting furniture, combination of different textures. Another additional benefit worth mentioning is that this type of furniture can last a lifetime.


If you need some more inspiration to give your place a bit more of that industrial vibe, some of these items might fit perfectly:


The More Natural Interior Design The Better

We could talk at length about all the reasons that make natural fabrics or nature-like textures so popular and in high demand, but let’s just say that in our hectic lives we started appreciating nature more and more. It is a sight for sore eyes to be surrounded by lush greenery of trees or to trace with your finger the patterns on the wood. The wood colours, furniture that resembles wood, houseplants, glowing fireplaces, they all contribute to that homey and natural feeling, the feeling we long for, but sadly forget often in the midst of our daily lives. 


Natural materials such as timbers, wools, sisals, rattan and linens are definitely stealing the spotlight. Combinations of rattan and bamboo are also trendy and in addition to furniture, you can find a great selection of rattan/bamboo lamps and other home accessories in many home design shops. Stones like marble, granite, and pebble are also used a lot.


Home Interiors Going Eco-Friendly

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Apart from this aesthetic appeal, there is one more important reason why people started turning to more natural designs. Recent decades have brought the topic of pollution and the environment in the limelight, which meant that many people started being more eco-conscious when it comes to consumption of goods in general, including the furniture and home accessories. Depending on which part of the world you are living in, these eco-friendly ideas range from something as simple as just using more sustainable products, low-waste living to reducing plastic at home. That’s why second hand pieces have become super popular. In addition, up-cycled, repaired and personalised accessories will become even trendier. It isn’t much surprising since it reconnects us to our ancestors in a way and awakens those dormant craft skills of ours. And not to mention that gratifying feeling of accomplishment. According to  interior designer Harriet Anstruther, going eco-friendly has already started its journey and it’s here to stay. The same thought comes from Kelly Hoppen of Kelly Hoppen Interior who says that reusing the products and giving them a new life has never been so on- trend like nowadays.


Most Popular Materials and Objects


So let’s recap what we’ve said in the last few lines about materials and the type of accessories or home objects that are super trendy now, and that will stay super trendy in the next year, too.


Use natural materials

What can give your home a more natural look than using natural materials like timbers, wools, sisals, rattan, bamboo, linens. Not only that these objects are aesthetically nice and give you that natural vibe, but their beigish and neutral colours make them blend in easily into any type of home. Moreover, they radiate warmth and coziness. 


Even more natural materials

Stones like marble, granite, and pebble are very popular, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Although they look quite cold on their own, in combination with some warmer colours and home accessories, and especially in combination with wood, they could give your home that cottage-like zing.


Second-hand accessories and furniture are a must

 Up-cycled, repaired and personalised accessories will become even trendier. Their popularity, as we said, lies in the current trend to go eco-friendly and reduce the unnecessary waste. It also helps that granny chic style is also back so if you have some long-forgotten item, decoration, or any kind of accessories, now might be the right time to dust them off. And naturally, since there is a high demand for these types of items, you can really find great pieces online or even in  specialised second-hand furniture shops. 


Be creative, reuse the old objects and give them a new life

If you love DIY projects, then this repurposing object trend is perfect for you. There are many YouTube DIY and home craft tutorials that could ignite your inspiration. Apart from this trend being super creative, it is really purposeful since it teaches us to rethink our consumerism and “forces” us to utilize objects around us to the maximum.


Let Your Interior Design Show Some Colour(s)

In the last few years, colours like grey and white have dominated. It seems that it is time for us to say goodbye to them; it might not be a total farewell, but the days of all-grey or all-white rooms or furniture are coming to their end. It might come naturally ( no pun intended) since the trends shift towards more natural, warm and earth hues. That doesn’t mean that now you need to repaint your whole house or buy a new set of furniture, but you might consider adding cushions, vases,  paintings of different style and size or similar accessories in warmer colours. Think shades of reds, orange and tangerine. If that is still too much colour for you, you are safe to go with brown, beige and sandy shades.


A colour that isn’t necessarily warm ( depending on the shade), but that is hugely IN in 2021 and will remain like that in the next year is green. Since it combines elements of blue and yellow, a green colour is universal in a sense that it can be nicely combined with warm and cold colours alike. Currently, green kitchens are extremely popular. Whether it’s a cabinet, paint, tiles, it is IN. The shades also don’t matter as long as it is green.


Wallpapers And Walls As An Integral Part of Your Interior Design

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Wallpapers have been seen as a thing of the past and were not always popular, but the year 2021 has been quite gracious when it comes to these old goldies. They could bring a dash of nostalgia, but trendy wallpapers are all about making a bold statement. The wallpapers represent art on their own. The best thing: any print, colour, theme, pattern could go. 

The self-adhesive, removable ones also prove to be quite economical, especially if you are renting the place. Their popularity lies in the way you can quickly transform your place and give it a new look. If the idea of the walls fully covered in wallpapers doesn’t make your heart sing, you can just use it on a small(er) area.


Last year was more focused on natural motifs when it comes to wallpapers, but it seems that in the year 2021, the focus has moved to more futuristic topics and travel-inspired styles. The wallpapers are there to impress and create a drama on your wall, in the most positive sense. Thanks to developing technologies, the variety of wallpapers you can choose from is really staggering: panoramic murals, 3D wallpapers, 3D tiles, 3D carved wood coverings, it is all about the texture. Texture is the key. 


If we talk about the bare walls, accent walls are on their way out. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, an accent wall is the wall painted or wallpapered differently compared to the other walls. Speaking of the colour, the IN colour seems to be ( no surprise there) green because it immediately reconnects us with nature and calmness. Currently, the popular hue is forest greens but designers predict a shift to more muted, olive green hues. 


It is worth mentioning that maximalism goes hand in hand with seductive -to- touch wallpapers. It is all about making a statement, remember? The bolder and the more daring, the better. And this maximalism goes beyond wallpapers, but since we now talk about them, imagine clashing prints and bright colours, wallpapers with huge flowers, etc. Again, if you don’t feel comfortable being flamboyant all at once but would still like to try it out, why not try flirting with some smaller, bolder home decorations and accessories for a start?


Home Office Design: Neat and Bright Interior

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home office design


It is hard to say whether the trend of home offices would have become so popular if it weren’t for the pandemic. Whatever the truth, home offices have settled in and it seems that we would see even more of them in the years to come. One thing is sure: having to transform one’s living space into an office has definitely brought out the best possible creativity and ideas. 

The rooms that are most “affected” by this trend are usually bedrooms and living rooms. Depending on how many family members need to work remotely, there are households that actually have multiple workspaces. The logic behind it is simple: more privacy while working and less distractions.


When we talk about the design per se, there is no accounting for taste(s), it all depends on your personal preference, but for a start you need a desk or a lap desk.If your space is small, lap desks or fold- up desks or chairs might be a great space savers. You will need a desk lamp, the one that reduces eye strain. Of course, this lamp could be a fashion statement that catches the eye. While we are still at your desk, think about some nice files and folders where your documents and work related items  would be nicely organized. 


Variety of houseplants are also extremely popular for their air purifying qualities and providing calmness. And perhaps the most important item is a comfy chair. If you spend many hours glued to your desk, an ergonomic chair might be the best investment you’ll make. And don’t forget, just because we are talking about the work space, it doesn’t mean it needs to look cold or serene. Make it in such a way that it would let your creative juices flow and make you focused on work. Pamper yourself.


So, in a nutshell, you should equip yourself with :

  • A desk ( lap desk, fold-up desk)
  • A decorative yet powerful desk lamp 
  • Some files and folders
  • A bit of houseplants
  • A super comfy chair


Design Your Own Home Gym


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, says a proverb. Being more confined to our homes, many people thought of combining their living space with some exercising. This concept is of course not new, but what is newer is a great shift towards online training sessions and classes. Apart from regular items like mats, weights, etc. many households invested in better screens and speakers due to online exercising. Depending on the size of your place, it could be just a few pieces of equipment that you can tuck away when you don’t use them, but it could also be a much bigger space dedicated only to exercising.



A cup of tea, a book and glowing lights make home - ZenQ Designs

Cozy home design


We all know that a house isn’t a home until we fill it with memories and all the little things that are close to our hearts. “Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”


 When we talk about the design trends and home design in general, it isn’t only about the latest, hottest trends. Each of these trends that you choose reveal your personality, your mood and your beliefs. And that is the beauty of it all: entering one’s home is like looking in a mirror in which we can discover the inner side of the owner, the side that otherwise might not meet our eye. 

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