Wall decoration as an artistic inspiration

Walls as a reflection of artistic ideas

In modern living conditions, a wall decoration is one of the main elements that creates a pleasant and authentic ambiance. Each room, just as a wall decoration, carries its own authentic expression, which can be achieved in many ways. 

After all, our ancestors painted their living space 40,000 years ago and gave the caves a kind of a decorative look, which serves us today to get to know their past better. Accordingly, such traces on the wall of the original artists carry a symbolic message: it has always been important for people to express their place in time with colors and drawings. It seems that since the dawn of time, the man needed to show his creativity on the walls of the first habitats, and a wall decoration slowly started entering everyday life.

A handprint on the cave wall I ZenQ

Source: bradshawfoundation

Over time, the harmony of the space in which we live and natural laws have developed through feng shui. The ancient Chinese discipline of interior decoration also emphasizes that walls and their layout play an essential role in space. If they are well positioned, you will create good energy in the room, and if the walls are not in the right place, they will block the flow of energy. In this way, blockages can also affect a person's life who has unsuitable wall aspects at home or in a business space. Before arranging your area any further, it is first necessary to determine which side of the world the house is facing. This way you can correctly determine the position of each room, which would give the walls a significant place in synergy with good energy.

Green oases on the wall - the most natural wall decoration


A green moss wall decoration above a yellow sofa I ZenQ

Source: Oasisplants

One of the boldest design solutions is to create a garden or greenery in a business or living space. This kind of space, decorated with a green oasis on the walls, will make us relax and unwind after a hard day, without exception. Stabilized moss contributes to this ambiance and together with natural green plants ideally create the image of a green wall.

These plants are treated uniquely with a mixture of preservatives based on natural glycerin, so they are 100% natural with no mercury, which certainly has its advantages:

  • Much longer freshness and life span, and much lower carbon levels
  • Resistance to temperature changes
  • Absorption of toxins from the air and absorption of moisture
  • They do not produce allergens

Former and new wall decoration trends

If we ignore the styles of wall decorations up until the 21st century, we can say that artistic freedom became more expressive only with entering the new millennium. We remember the expression from the beginning of the 21st century, "a feature wall", which refers to a wall that differs from all the others in color or other features. Usually, it was only one wall which was painted in a bright color. Due to too much conspicuousness, the designers eventually gave up on such a highlighted wall as a stylistic solution for wall decoration.

Nowadays, the feature wall is in trend again, but with a much more imaginative choice of colors and finishes. The modern way of highlighting the wall gets a new place in the space, whereby the highlighted wall decoration perfectly fits into the urban design.

One of the reasons for highlighting a wall is the creative element, that is, to make the room less dull. Also, emphasizing one wall, depending on the finish or color, will visually enlarge a small room, so painting a wall in a darker color adds depth and a little drama to the space. On the other hand, a wall with a mirror in a small bathroom will make it visually larger. In that sense, apart from painting the walls, several elements are taken into account - from the room's size to the furniture in it.

A traditional technique of wall decoration is returning, but there are also new techniques that have become a hit in a short time. Whichever approach you choose, the variations are numerous, therefore you can actually have quite unique walls.

Decorative paint roller

Let us recall a decorative paint roller that was once used when painting. Speaking of such decorated walls, we usually think of the trend after the Second World War. Older generations certainly remember the former uniformed patterns applied with a paint roller. Fashionably designed paint rollers are inspiring and innovative, with a wide choice of designs. 

 A brown fashionably designed paint roller with flower motifs I ZenQ

Source: canyouactually.com


A decorative paint roller can still be someone's choice for refreshing and decorating walls. A paint roller with patterns can genuinely give a space a unique look,it all depends on the design and your idea. Today, you can choose from a variety of wall stencils and create as traditional or as modern patterns as you like. If you are looking for more inspiration, you can see what these new generation patterns look like today if you click on https://www.rollerwall.com/

A wall stencil with a royal emblem I ZenQ Designs

Source: drivenbydecor



In the old times, almost everyone decorated their home with wallpapers, which are in fashion once again. Today's selection of wallpapers gives you countless color and pattern options, from more straightforward, monochrome, or with small, subtle patterns to some more cheerful, more robust colour schemes and patterns. Wallpapers are an excellent choice for adding drama and creativity to any room. This kind of wall decoration provides endless decorative forms from playful natural motifs to retro geometric patterns.

Wallpaper with pink lilies and a bird in the white living room I ZenQ Designs

Source: wallsauce


Wall decoration is the easiest way to change the complete look of a room, and one of the most popular contemporary techniques is murals. If you choose the proper drawing or image, taking into account the theme and color palette, the result can be fun and surprisingly innovative. Murals are created by top artists and we can come across them as we walk through the city and observe the facades of embellished buildings with this unique wall painting technique. This technique combines the general elements of the image, and blends them perfectly with the architecture.

Apart from being decoration on facades, murals have also found their place in the interior as a popular wall decoration. The strength of the mural's effect depends on the theme and style in which it was made. In a charismatic way, a mural can contribute to creating a particular atmosphere in a space. Besides, you can play with details you have in the room, in addition to those depicted on the mural.

Street murals

You have probably seen incredible works of art on the walls of abandoned buildings or even on residential buildings giving them a  new dash of life. All that such wall decorations want to convey to us is that they’d like us to admire them, or symbolically remind us of certain events from the artist’s life, their personalities, or personal inspirations. Murals, in this way, turn painted buildings or entrances into fairy tales and liven up the atmosphere of the monotonous parts of the city in which they were created.

A street red and blue mural of a mother holding her baby I ZenQ Designs

Source: red.org

Textiles on your wall for a cosy look

When we talk about wall decoration, let's keep in mind that textiles can help us, too. It can be a handicraft received as a gift or made by yourself. Textile walls will provide a comfortable and cozy look to any room. All you have to do is select the desired material and attach it to the chosen wall.

A giant necklace- like macrame on an indigo blue wall I ZenQ Designs

Source: mymodernmet


Upholstered walls look even more luxurious, and all that is needed is to insert additional material onto them to make them stand out perfectly. These walls are the most beautiful when they are upholstered with velvet or silk, but also with leather. Upholstered walls provide much more excellent insulation than ordinary upholstered ones, while at the same time, they look very pleasing.

Tapestries have long been a stylistic element in the decoration of temples and palaces.

Slightly forgotten, tapestries as a wall decoration will discreetly accent the interior of the living room or bedroom. Many ethnic groups often use a handmade carpet with folk motifs on the walls of their houses, which looks very harmonious in the interior. Tapestries can often be seen in Scandinavian homes. This style is distinguished by handmade ethnic motifs, whereas bright geometric patterns characterize the small hand-woven carpet.


A hippie colourful room full of tapestries and a dream catcher I ZenQ Designs

Source: pinterest.com


Natural material for the purpose of wall decoration

When it comes to natural materials, the most popular one for wall decoration is wood. Wood has a long tradition in construction; winter bungalows, cottages, or even entire houses can be made of wood. 

Popular wall decoration for the interior is wood paneling

Wooden surfaces add natural warmth to a space. Such a look also gives a three-dimensional shape, emphasizes the structures, and provides depth to the wall. Modern wooden boards are located in large panels or placed horizontally. It is usually one side of the wall that represents the room's exceptional decor and gives warmth to the home. Wood has outstanding properties, as well as possibilities for processing and shaping. Therefore, it fits into all interior styles as a wall decoration. One of the unique aesthetic details in the home can be a wooden pendant lamp.

If you like unusual shapes, one of the best ways is to create a wooden accent wall behind the bed, which will be the most striking part of the room.

Wooden jigsaw covering the wall behind the bed I ZenQ Designs

Source: homedit.com


Stone is one of the solid and resistant materials and leaves the impression of sophistication and quality 

Stone goes perfectly with hardwood, and when they are together, they create a very comfortable ambiance. This type of stone wall decoration will bring a natural look with elements of rusticity, and it is increasingly used for decorative purposes for wall cladding. Its structure and color are simple. At first glance, stone looks cold, but it is the best natural insulator and retains heat most of all materials. What’s more, the stone is resistant to damage, moisture, heat, and punches, so you never have to worry about whether your stone wall with the fireplace will overheat.

Since no two stones are the same, a wall decoration made of stone parts provides endless combinations. This material will elevate any space, regardless of the current dominant style in that interior. A stone wall decoration never goes out of fashion and gives the interior the look of an authentic natural ambiance.

The decorative stone in the living room will look best if placed on the wall where the TV is, or next to flowers. It is primarily the wall that is most visible.

 A geometrical play of mirrors, stone and moss on the wall I ZenQ Desighns


Alternative ways of decorating your wall

You have probably figured out by now that the options for decorating walls are numerous and that your creativity and imagination are your primary guides when it comes to dressing up your wall. However, if you still feel hungry for even more inspiration, let’s dive into some more cool ideas that would turn your wall into a work of art

Other alternative ways of decoration that match with the modern wall

If you want to achieve the effect of sophistication with wooden or stone wall, you can accomplish this in several other ways:

By installing modern lamps in the ceiling

    Try using lamps of different shapes and dimensions. Having lamps that differ in shape and size can definitely sparkle up the look of your room and add an element of playfulness and variety.

    By placing a round-shaped canvas

      Your wall would get a much warmer, rounder look. These canvases are perfect for people looking for non-standard forms of paintings on the wall.

      With black and white sculptures

        These sculptures would accentuate the wall and would discreetly fit into the space regardless of the main colour of the wall. The size of these sculptures is up to you

        With clocks with a marble look

          They give your wall an elegant and smart look. Apart from being practical and telling time, clocks represent an authentic detail on a wallIt is definitely an authentic detail on the wall and are rightfully treated as wall decorations.

          With ceramic vases of the geometric style 

            Use these types of vases if you want to get a bit of that minimalistic, smart, clear-cut look. The main reason is that the texture of these vases resembles stone. 

            Timeless wall decoration, known since the Classical Age, had decorative plaster for the base. It is a simple and original way of finishing, which can hide minor defects in the wall. With the help of plaster, you can create a unique design on the walls because it allows adding different colors, thus creating different types of plaster for wall decorations. With the help of decorative plaster, it is possible to achieve different relief textures, whether it is wood or stone, and other various textures, which enables a remarkable three-dimensional experience. Original murals are also the inspiration for Russian artists.

            Decorative 3D wall plaster depicting a family of lions I ZenQ Designs


            Imagination - another word for wall decoration

            Decorative panels are also modern wall decorations that quickly transform the space. Their advantage lies in hiding the defects in the walls, creating sound insulation, and retaining heat. They are made of different moisture-resistant materials. They are durable and create a three-dimensional effect on the wall.

            The modern ceramic wall decoration that can be seen in bathrooms and kitchens has found a vast place in the interior. In kitchens, we see multicolored tiles that follow the tint of a wall, and doubtlessly every modern kitchen has the most diverse ceramic kitchen sets in its collection. Ceramic wall decoration is used either to decorate the whole wall or a particular area of the wall. It can become the basis for creating a geometric pattern, panel, or image. Beautiful ceramic tiles are made by artist Natalie Blake which symbolically decorate different ambiances.

            Ceramic wall in artsy style I ZenQ Designs


            Set rules on wall decorations or freedom of choice?

            When it comes to lighting, wall lamps are more than a necessary detail in decorating the space! Expressing creativity on the wall also helps to divert attention from something you don't want to emphasize. If you do not have enough light, paint at least one wall, preferably opposite the window, in a bright, cheerful color. The play of natural light and shadow is an exceptional experience in the interior.

            Do not accent more than one wall in the room or more than a few in the whole house. You can do your best to match the highlighted wall with the rest of the room, but be sure that its design is still creative to be highlighted. Do not choose walls with apparent flaws or too many windows, which distract attention from the wall. Walls with distinctive architectural elements such as a chimney or fireplace are a great choice to highlight. Similarly, the walls behind exciting furniture that attracts attention are very suitable for highlighting, too. 

            One of the most common applications of a highlighted wall is to define the dining space in the living room. You can do this by placing a dining table next to a highlighted wall and matching other elements, such as tablecloths and other dining accessories with the wall.

            Multicolored empty frames scattered on the grey wall I ZenQ Designs

            Source: nipponpaint.co.in


            Wall decoration traditionally recognizes art paintings, while messages on the wall, photographs, various frames, or 3D statues are individual choices. You can find a collection of beautiful wall canvases on the Zenqdesigns website, from abstract details and geometric shapes to shades that provide a sense of luxury and richness.

            All in all, be guided by your sense of beauty and ignore the rules. Your ambiance is the place of your inspiration!

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